The people of the world are going to have to choose, & sadly choose from an inadequate & woefully incomplete, politically driven globalist side or real truth as it’s the only choices we currently have in a world driven by adharma.
Choice 1: Support the leftist & globalist elites who are willing to sell the soul of this world for power. People who will support anything to gain power including supporting Marxists side by side with Islamists (polar opposites), the Red/Green Axis.
Choice 2: ignore the global media which is predominately run by these leftists/globalists from choice 1 and recognize nationalism & truth of what it is, an effort by nations to protect themselves from the evils represented by choice 1.
Choice 1 is the wrong path! Example: They’re aiding the religions of Islam & Christianity in their attack on the most ancient polytheistic religion in our human history of India, Hinduism being the largest component of that attack. Study the history & you’ll see this reality.
They aren’t doing it because all believe Abrahamic religions. They’re doing it because Abrahamic religions have always been, since their creation, political religions designed to control/subdue populations. They’ve killed millions of innocents in their history, all for control.
So, for the sake of humanity, we need to start paying attention to what is really important. Stop playing into the globalists hands. Some countries like India are figuring it out as they are under direct threat. They’re voting to protect their nation against the globalists/bigots
If India succeeds against the global propaganda against them, there’s hope for humanity. There’s hope we will survive the opposing yet combined Marxist/Islamist bid for power the global left is openly supporting in their bid to solidify dominance over the people of this world.
I’m just another human being on this planet seeking the best for humanity. I became Hindu only before my 54th year. Born in Missouri, raised Catholic, but being a rational, thinking human being, I recognized the truth spoken in the Bhagavad Gita for all humanity.
It’s a human truth known to humanity for thousands of years. Long before these Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions have attempted to erase this truth & history, aided by globalists seeking power & money. We, as human beings have the free will to make a choice. Choose Dharma!
So, enjoy your Yoga, enjoy your meditation, but recognize truth of it’s origins in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). It may seem complicated to you to recognize truth in this modern world. Hinduism may seem complicated & foreign, but it’s not. It shows universal truth for all humanity.
I will continue to pray for a better world. A world that recognizes the divine that truly exists inside each & every one of us if we can only look inside to see that reality. When I say “wake up” I mean truly wake up, find your Self and experience the joy of truth.
Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev, embrace Pachamama & Agni Dev, embrace universal truth for the sake of humanity and our future before it’s too late.
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