If you only support big countries with their issues but ignore others, your activism is a display.

Latinoamerica needs your help. Just like we spread info, now is your turn to do so. For the ones who died fighting.
We barely have had any support abroad, so please do not ignore this thread. Read it in full.

This thread contains information and petitions! Any RT and Like is appreciated!
What is happening in PERÚ 🇵🇪

[9 of November, 2020]
The Peruvian Congress vote in favor of a presidential vacancy. With 105 votes, they took out Martin Vizcarra because of moral incapacity. Their reasons were to investigate him because of alleged corruption.(+)
Which would be ok If Peru weren’t going through a Crisis that involves health, economy, education, security (violence, delinquency, mass murder) and now because of what happened; Political.
There were just 5 months left to finish the government. But the congress didn’t care.
They even have a law in case of events like this (Ley antiprófugos), but they didn’t care neither.
Now Manuel Merino assumed the presidency. But who is he?
He didn’t finish his university studies.

He has being accused of having irregular contact with the Militia, suspicious contracts, labor crime and has received criminal complaints, also he have done hate speech against women.
Peru really needs support right now!

Plus, this is their Minister Council.
Jokes aside, he is extremely misogynistic and homophobic! Quotes from him:

⁃“What kind of sons will you have if they are homosexual?”

⁃“If you are a women and you enter politics, you have to be at least nice looking and pretty”

⁃“No more gender ideologies”
In this video he said “Killing (a woman) out of jealousy is not femicide.”
All the information about Perú was collected from this two threads! https://twitter.com/lwths41/status/1326700210974847000?s=21
. https://twitter.com/ximshhxt/status/1326326647881142274
List of missing people:

What is happening in VENEZUELA 🇻🇪

It’s been over 21 years. They live in a Dictatorship where there’s no food, health, water, light, medicine, etc.
Basic needs are not supplied because of their terrible economy. The economy is so inflated that they can't afford for food, they are starving to death.
They line up for days or weeks to get something as basic as gasoline.

A 17 yo teen was protesting because they didn’t have gasoline, and the police shot pellets to his face. Now he is blind.

// blood https://twitter.com/camilachancera/status/1327978126635307008?s=21
The dictatorship of Maduro forces people to be quiet. They also censor their media.

If someone tries to say something, that person is killed. In one protest, over 5.000 people were murder and 1.000 were seriously injured.
Furthermore, Venezuela is also being affected right now by the overflowing of rivers. Townships, houses, and lives have been taken.
Objects like coolers or beds are unusable now, and because of the situation they are living in, it is impossible that they can obtain those objects again. https://twitter.com/nicmerevans/status/1316363128037277696
I know it is in Spanish, but please look anyway. This is Venezuela right now. https://twitter.com/hopesooksx/status/1327985524628467714?s=21
What is happening in CHILE 🇨🇱

Without prior notice, the fare value for the subway rose 30 pesos, reaching 830 pesos (1.08 usd) at rush hour.
Chile is a really expensive country to live in and it has extreme poverty, so when the news came out everyone was in disagree.
A person per month can even spend between 24,000 (31.29 usd) to 30,000 (39.11 usd) or even more money. Just for the subway.
Imagine having just a little money, and you have to pay electricity, water (We are the only country that charge the water) rent, food, personal needs, And transport [Subway]

And consider that the transport is 1/5 part of your salary. That’s insane!
The government faced the claims, mocking and making really insensitive comments like:

⁃If you want to pay less, wake up earlier.
⁃"People went to the doctor's offices at early morning to socialise"
⁃"If everything went up in price, we could take advantage and buy flowers."
Chile is not only expensive, but it has terrible education, pension, health, and justice system to the point is beneath one's dignity.
A person on a waiting list to see the doctor can even wait YEARS. And It’s quality is doubtful, not to say null.

Unless you pay a private hospital and get yourself into a debt forever.
School and college students jumped the tourniquets, evading paying and calling people to also not pay as a way to protest.

The government respond saying that it was an uncivilized act.
Because of that comment, adults also joined the protests. And it became so massive that the government imposed a curfew.
People were killed, tortured, raped, and it was common to see people without eyes because of bullets!
A week after the outbreak, on October 25 a great march was held in this Plaza de la Dignidad. A historic march and the largest in Chile, with over one million people.
All this happened last year, nowadays, there was a vote, where it win Apruebo (Approve constitutional plebiscite) and Constitutional Convention. Which is going to change the constitution created by the Dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Even so, marches are still held to demand basic rights. And people is still being killed. Recently a young man was thrown into a river by the police, being killed instantly.
Information about murder and anything that puts the police in a bad light is censored. So you can almost only find it in social media.

Also indigenous people; Mapuches, are being attacked. But media portrays them as terrorists.
I collected almost all the information about Chile from this thread!: https://twitter.com/zyyami/status/1317882599562481670?s=21
What is happening in ECUADOR 🇪🇨

Per 4 days, a woman is killed, according to report. (+)
The last event occurred in the canton El Empalme, in Guayas, where a 21-year-old girl was murdered, stabbed by her partner, her body was in a state of decomposition, while his 54 yo attacker hanged himself.
Violence against women also marked the last holiday in four days of November, six femicides were registered in Cuenca, Ambato, Babahoyo, and Quito.

Statistics from civil organizations show that every four days a woman is brutally killed in Ecuador.
The data handled by the National Police details that from January to November on a national scale there were 61 femicides, figures lower than the civil society organizations that collected 96 cases in the same period.
The provinces with the most violence and hate crimes against women are Guayas, Pichincha and Los Ríos.
Femicide is a crime that was not classified until August 14, 2014. Since that year, 813 women have been murdered by sexist violence in the country.
Article 141 says: "The person who, as a result of power relations manifested in any type of violence, kill a woman for the fact of being one or for her gender, will be punished with a custodial sentence of twenty-two to twenty-six years."
Translated of this thread! https://twitter.com/gxldenpieces/status/1328022988457975810?s=21
What is happing in BRAZIL 🇧🇷

It’s been months and Brazil is still burning. Since July to this day, The Brazilian Amazon is experiencing the biggest fire in 10 years.

Here’s a entire thread in English about it! Please read it!!! https://twitter.com/chnsolo/status/1312506388313038848?s=21
What is happening in ARGENTINA 🇦🇷

Over a half of Argentinian provinces are in fire! The country is burning and nobody is talking about it.
The government is ignoring the situation.

Please sign the petition! http://chng.it/KhVQXs5G 
‼️What is happening in CENTROAMERICA‼️

Read bellow
» GUATEMALA 🇬🇹 https://twitter.com/nhc_atlantic/status/1327989459057446912?s=21
Here’s a thread with information! Please read it!

HONDURAS 🇭🇳 is going through:
⁃Corrupt government
⁃Crisis because of COVID-19
⁃Hurricane ETA https://twitter.com/diegosknf/status/1325110859857850368?s=21

It was terribly devastated by Hurricane ETA! And nobody is doing anything about it. Please share! https://twitter.com/garifunamarket/status/1324505268105994243?s=21

Hurricane ETA left whole villages flooded in Huehuetenango, Zacapa, Izabal, Alta Verapaz y Quiché. There were landslides, buried people, and overflowing rivers that washed away everything in their path.
There are people trapped by the water, so they have no place to go. It’s being more than a week.

The government turned its back. People from Morales Izabal and Verapaz is terribly affected but the president isn’t doing anything.
People is helping each other because the government does nothing.
Here is more information! https://twitter.com/mon28t/status/1328009745412870147?s=21
Petitions to sign and donations!
Honduras and Nicaragua 🇭🇳🇳🇮 https://twitter.com/yunhaven/status/1324450749259128832?s=21

El Salvador is also being affected by the inundation. Drizzles and accumulated garbage are making streams and even more big inundations! There are dozens of dead people, and thousands of evacuees.

It was also affected in the past by Amanda storm

World Vision asks to protect Central American children in the Eta emergency!

This is not “a temporary thing”. ETA have killed over fifty people. And has destroyed as a hurricane, and as a tropical storm. https://twitter.com/forbes_ca/status/1327808543454445570?s=21

Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz are completely flooded! there have been floods for 7 days: There’s over 175.000 people victims, and 8 people died already.

There’s also over a million people infected by Coronavirus.
This woman is a nurse from Mexico, she is doing anything she can to go to work.

She doesn’t have any type of help, but she have to go on her daily routine as if nothing happened. This is the reality behind inundations.

Source: Facebook - Flores Caristy
» 🇲🇽 🇳🇮 🇭🇳 🇬🇹 🇸🇻 🇨🇷 🇧🇿 🇵🇦 🇨🇴

Another Hurricane. It’s hitting the southwest of Centroamérica right now! Stay alert and safe. https://twitter.com/centinelamundo/status/1328016403597815808?s=21
What is happening in PANAMA 🇵🇦

Hurricane ETA collapsed houseof hundreds of people are homeless, children and adults have died. There’s people who are disappeared.
And Hurricane LOTA it’s coming.
What is happening in COLOMBIA 🇨🇴

A tropical wave flooded the coasts completely. 70% of Cartagena is flooded. And their government is doing nothing about it!

It is also affected by Hurricane LOTA! Thousands of people are homeless.
This is everything I have at the moment, If I find out more things I will put them in the thread.
More about PARAGUAY 🇵🇾

A group of people called Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo (EPP) is kidnapping people along the country to extort money and gain profit from it.

Today there are 3 people kidnapped and counting. The government is doing nothing about it.
Another thread: https://twitter.com/hollandsprivate/status/1327935762101399552
The last thread contains plenty of sources, you can also find links to donate and sign
What is happening in BOLIVIA 🇧🇴

// pedophilia ; pedofilia

Their president, Evo Morales, have committed hate speech towards cities and have committed really disgusting things like sexually abusing minors.

His government is full corruption (+)
Here is a thread full of information: https://twitter.com/blightxhoney/status/1328059099817406464?s=21
More about COLOMBIA 🇨🇴

// pedophilia ; pedofilia
// Secuestro en masa ; Mass kidnapping

During these three weeks in Cúcuta, a wave of kidnapping and rape is happening. Mostly attacking women and minors! There are more than 70 victims.
Over a 10 little girls have been reported missing. During this period, women of all ages, including children are being raped.

There is a rumor that the kidnappings are due to organ trafficking.
Here is the thread where I got the information: https://twitter.com/camilover_07/status/1328020204304130048?s=21
Compilation of information and ways to help https://twitter.com/f_v_f_v_f/status/1328064407063171072
More about PERU 🇵🇪

The police making jokes about the situation. In this video, they are playing football with tear gas and laughing. https://twitter.com/gwntaro/status/1328139233962430466
MORE!! https://twitter.com/ratatouillebby/status/1328062132848635904
!!!!!! https://twitter.com/mystichoi_/status/1327896360058818561
Do not trust this type of tweets!

Venezuela is going through a DICTATORSHIP. As I said before, economy inflation has impacted them to the point they can’t afford any basic needs.

They don’t even have freedom to speech, otherwise they get killed. Human rights are violated.
Getting your family killed for expressing your opinion It’s not oppression and injustice...?

Please, take this issues seriously. It’s horrible to see how easily people call hypocrites to Latinos, although they are literally dying. Get informed, and educate yourself.
» Fun fact: Calling every latinx “Mexican” It’s incredibly racist.

There’s more people in Latinoamerica than México, and It’s disrespectful to every single person from other countries in our continent to be erased like this.
// pedophilia ; human trafficking

In different countries there have been mass kidnappings by alleged taxi drivers.

Their modus operandi It’s making a call on their phone and pretend they are ordering food. What they are actually doing is speaking in code.
Salchicha (Hotdog) : Man

Pizza : Woman

Queso (Cheese) : Little girl

Pasta/ Pollo (Chicken) : Little boy

Nuez (Nut) : Black people

Helado (Ice cream) : Man [for prostitution]

Salsa (Sauce) : Orgy

Mapas (Map) : Semen

Pañuelo blanco (White flag) : Minor
Pañuelo negro (Black Flag) : Slaves

Tostado (Toast) : POC women

Cruda : Blonde women

They may vary, but these are the most commonly used according to victims.
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