Court and investor records shows one company Perdue led went under soon after he departed. Another paid out $42 million in to settle lawsuits alleging Perdue lined his own pockets as part of a leveraged buyout deal, shortchanging shareholders. via @ajc
#tRUmP="business experience": 240K PEOPLE DIED 11M PEOPLE infected wtih COVID19 > Perdue talks up his "business experience".
Major candidates in the crowded GOP field have lengthy records as elected officials, Perdue’s resume is cloaked behind "privacy of the business" world.
One thing is clear: the private sector has made Perdue a wealthy man. Tax returns reviewed by @ajc show that over 10 years Perdue earned $55 million paying $21 million in taxes. A federal financial disclosure estimated Perdue’s current worth at between $11 and $48 million.
Perdue’s most visible venture into public service was in April 2010 when he was appointed by his cousin, then-Gov. Sonny Perdue, to a seat on the powerful board of the Georgia Ports Authority.
Records show that for the three-plus years he served in the ports board, the "businessman" failed to file a required affidavit with the state ethics commission swearing he had taken no action on the board that would impact his private financial or business interests.
"After" the @ajc inquired about it, Perdue filed the required paperwork last week . His campaign called the failure to do so earlier an "oversight" (=a lie is a word: Linda-).
In 2002, CEO Pillowtex, a troubled textile manufacturer based in Kannapolis, N.C. folded just a few months after Perdue "departed". Perdue was paid $1.3 million in the same year Pillowtex went under, leaving thousands of workers jobless.
[this is constant within the 'business bankruptcy world': MILLIONS paid to unknown "CEO": "golden parachute" paid to CEO leaving 1000s of employees without jobs: the news media spouts that "Golden"-shower boys are there bc the 'company' is in "bankruptcy protection".Linda-]
Tax records reviewed by the AJC show Perdue was paid $1.3 million in the same year Pillowtex went under, leaving thousands of workers jobless. Workers made $11 or $12 an hour and lacked skills to find another decent-paying job, said Harris Raynor, union rep for 8000 workers.
“The big thing is, here’s a man who is selling himself to the voters on his record as a businessman. He may have had success, but he doesn’t even mention Pillowtex,”
Harris Raynor said. “It’s like a pitcher only talking about the games he won. He fiddled, he did not lead.”
Mike Harmon CFO Pillowtex said "giant pension deficit" [and paid Perdue $1.3M with leaving 8000 workers nothing. it's a 'step progression built into the "bankruptcy protection" to not pay workers: constantly done throughout the USA 'business bankruptcy protections". Linda-]
Tax records show Perdue took in $42 million from Dollar General in 2007 and 2008 after he engineered a leveraged buyout by KKR, a private equity giant. He had to pay a special “golden parachute” tax in 2008 on the money he was paid when the left the company.
The Turner family Dollar General chain paid out $42 million in 2009 to settle lawsuits alleging Perdue and other top executives earned big profits and gave stockholders $22 a share when it should have been worth more.
[Perdue et al always have 'golden parachutes' and get paid millions of dollars to leave. Linda-] the stockholders OK’d the deal. [told by Perdue et al 'golden shower boys' that there was nothing there: talked to their lawyers after... Linda-]
When he left Dollar General, Perdue did consulting work for firms in India, earning nearly more than $900,000 from the work in 2007 and 2008. [ he went to India to learn new ways to fleece corporations and people: Linda-]
Perdue and ex-Gov Sonny Perdue created Perdue Partners in 2011 doing "business consulting and export services" in trucking. The Perdue camp said the company has done no business with the Georgia ports while David Perdue was on the board or afterward. [nothing said about ex-Gov]
[i've read for decades about "business" golden showers boys: that "clause" is "in" from first breath: if the owners have taken the money, they 'parachute' the golden shower boy: "workers" get nothing. 'the art of the steal' #donald "business" does nothing for 'workers'. Linda-]
every (R)Senator
every (R)Representative
every (R)Governor
Genocidal complicit
11,000,000 COVID19 infected PEOPLE
stop the GreedyOldPhart GENOCIDE
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