ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Smoking 🚬 long known to cause ED. Why should we care right now? Because #COVID19 causes vascular problems, experts worry about ED being a “likely consequence” among COVID survivors.

💡In many ways, it was this👇kind of TV ad in 1980s that made men stop 🚬
2) Study: “In conclusion, there is quite enough reason to suspect that male sexual and reproductive health could be affected in the survivors, by the sequelae of the COVID-19, both in the short and long terms”.
3) “Erectile function, as a surrogate marker of cardiovascular/pulmonary health, could also become extremely valuable as a quick and inexpensive first-line assessment of the pulmonary and cardiovascular complications for COVID-19 survivors.”

Good night!!
4) Granted, ED is one of the less worrisome effects of #COVID19. But it gets men to care. Especially the type of men who are a lil insecure about their manliness who hesitate to wear masks. Maybe this will make them rethink their opposition to masks.
6) These kind of anti smoking ads work. Men who smoke knew it caused cancer, that didn’t stop them. But once erectile dysfunction and sperm quality negative effects were revealed, the public perception shift was quite dramatic among men. Hence this type of message could work.
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