Dr. HarshBurden has been so busy lecturing to Hindus on their festivals and banning firecrackers that he mishandled COVID19 so badly. If he had heeded Dr. Gobardhandas's advice and vaccinated everyone with BCG during lockdown, India would have had much less Corona cases.
Dr. HarshBurden is so full of arrogance that he did not heed advice of eminent epidemologist who is with BJP. "Ghar kiurgi dalbarobar" . It was Indian Kitchen with its spices, traditional Hindu hygiene practices, Ayurveda band Siddha that helped contain COVID19
Other things that helped contain COVID19 are steps taken by Modi govt pre-2020 like cashless, Swaccha Bharat and tapping the SISMAU drains from emptying into Ganges.
So, Indian spices,traditional Hindu hygiene, pre-2020 development steps helped contain COVID19 in India++
++despite Dr. HarshBurden's monument Al bungling.
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