Sweden’s 🇸🇪 pro-herd govt official Tegnk was DEAD wrong. With deadly consequences. He predicted Sweden’s spring wave would prevent 2nd #COVID19 fall/winter wave. He was ‘Scott Atlas-wrong’. “Herd immunity” arrogance costs lives. How arrogant was Tegnell?🧵 https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-herd-immunity-second-wave-coronavirus-cases-hospitalisations-surge-2020-11
2) Behold Swedish official Tegnell’s herd immunity arrogance... it is just dripping with smugness and dismissive carelessness about people’s lives. (Figure in English, Swedish, German).
3) Sweden's chief epidemiologist has admitted that the country is now experiencing a second wave of coronavirus **despite** previously predicting that the country's no-lockdown policy would prevent another surge. ➡️ it didn’t damnit!!
4) Tegnell had suggested that case numbers would be "quite low" in the autumn compared to other European countries which imposed lockdowns.

However, latest figures show 🇸🇪 is experiencing higher levels of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths than its neighbors.
5) “We see community spread in many regions simultaneously right now," Tegnell now says, according to Reuters.

Tegnell may be wrong, but at least he’s coming clean he that was dead wrong about herd. Unlike Trump’s advisor Scott Atlas, who is both wrong and doesn’t admit it.
6) “So far 🇸🇪 strategy has proven to be a dramatic failure,” said Lena Einhorn, a Swedish virologist & prominent critic of its strategy. “4 days ago we had 8x higher cases per capita than Finland & 3.5-times more than Norway. " (HT 🇸🇪 doctor @Dr_FarrisD). https://amp.ft.com/content/1e0ac31d-5abf-4a18-ab3e-eec9744a4d31
7) wrote a whole thread yesterday on Sweden’s here approach. Basically it’s perfectly fine—that is, if you don’t care who lives or dies. And all for no economic gain either. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1327230581143465984
8) For those still clamoring about “but but but what about deaths???” Good question. Here is Swedish #COVID19 deaths versus Scandinavian neighbors per capita. Hmmmm... Sweden 🇸🇪 death rate is 5x Denmark and 10x Finland and Norway. So dangerous.
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