đź“ŤTrump knew the coronavirus was dangerous. Senator Perdue & Loeffler knew too. Perdue downplayed it like Trump. Now thousands of Georgians have died of #COVID19, including 1 of every 341 *residents* in parts of Georgia. Perdue needs to be gone. Vote @ossoff & @ReverendWarnock.
2) Total #COVID19 deaths out of total *residents*—Georgia holds top spots in entire country!!!

Dodge—1 in 490 residents dead
Ware—1 in 489
Monroe—1 in 476
Mitchell—1 in 460
Laurens—1 in 457
Dougherty—1 in 444
Toombs—1 in 432
Sumter—1 in 420
Upson GA—1 in 341
4) Perdue is also a “crook”
6) Notice this super suspicious stock dumping after Senate coronavirus briefing. Quite convenient. Loeffler first pretended she didn’t own the stock, but then had to later refile & admit she owned those suspiciously dumped stocks after all. 🔥 We need @ReverendWarnock & @ossoff.
7) Here is the precise timeline of Loeffler’s stock sale... no stocks sold whatsoever since she took office... until Jan 24th... the precise day of the Senate briefing by public health officials. Clearly she benefited from inside information. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fortune.com/2020/03/20/senators-burr-loeffler-sold-stock-coronavirus-threat-briefings-in-january/amp/
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