Let's start domestically: On Mon the NSW Government @Matt_KeanMP kicked off the week with a 12GW #renewables & 2GW storage by 2030 announcement, backed by a policy mechanism & transmission. The most significant RE policy since @MrKRudd expanded the RET http://www.energy.nsw.gov.au/government-and-regulation/electricity-infrastructure-roadmap
On Wed the 6th largest electricity user in Aus - @woolworths announced a 100% #renewables by 2025 target. Meaning another 1% of Australia's electricity demand will be powered by #renewables in short order.

Hats off to @GreenpeaceAP @theRE100 @BRC_AU https://twitter.com/GreenpeaceAP/status/1326406061990043654?s=20
This week which was huge and amazing, builds off last week where Victoria announced a 300MW battery - three times the size of South Australia's big battery.

#springst @LilyDAmbrosioMP https://twitter.com/LilyDAmbrosioMP/status/1324162442855804929
All this domestic renewables is set against global momentum. The week obvs started with Joe Biden winning the US Election - a huge relief for #climate advocates. Even without the senate there's A LOT he can do. Remember exec orders made this possible 👇 https://twitter.com/ProfRayWills/status/1324936470063247360?s=20
Also this week @IEA released their #Renewables2020 Report & World Energy Outlook and it was BIG GOOD News ☀️☀️☀️ https://twitter.com/IEA/status/1327208482236493824
A few final thoughts on this amazing week of #renewable momentum.

1. Social movements and campaigns work. Hats off to the amazing organisers who made #climate a top US election issue ( @sunrisemvmt), who get corporates to actually step up ( @lindsaysou) and keep the BIG MO going.
3. Political champions within state and federal parliaments and political parties matter and are turning this ship around.
4. For all the journos out there, this week there has been calls for more women commentators on #climate & #energy. Just know I'm here!

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