So... @DevinNunes was working with a group of people who planned to wiretap Hillary Clinton's assistant Seth Rich in an attempt to prove that Russia wasn't involved in the 2016 hacking. @DevinCow 1/
Specifically, Devin Nunes' assistant Kash Patel was involved, who now runs policy at the DoD. 2/
This is from the deposition of investigator Rod Wheeler, for a lawsuit by Rich's family. (Kudos to them for exposing the truth.) 3/
Ed Butowsky funded the Seth Rich operation. These characters are connected to Jerome Corsi and appear on RT. They are also involved in faking FBI Seth Rich files that got picked up by Fox News.
They're also involved in calling in a fake radioactive bomb threat at the Charleston port in 2017. Hard to tell if that was a publicity stunt, or if they were testing our threat response for a foreign adversary. 7/
Anyway, @DevinNunes' lawyer Steven Biss and his wife Tanya are entwined with all these people. Tanya does conspiracy YouTubing and her husband represents half of them. Ed Butowsky probably hooked the Biss's up with Devin, who is clearly mixed up QAnon now. 8/
. @DevinNunes' aide Kash Patel should not be running the DoD and QAnon at the same time. #SethRich
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