📌Exceptional week for #ClimateLitigation: people around world working to leverage power of the law to hold govs accountable & advance #ClimateJustice!
➡️in THREAD below: short tour of developments in past days: many decisions pending but some very positive progress already👇1/9
7/ 🇺🇸 DC: of concern however, 24 members of Biden-Harris transition team worked at top law firms having supported heavily the #FossilFuels industry.
See excellent review of these professional backgrounds by Law Students for Climate Accountability @Ls4Ca https://twitter.com/Ls4Ca/status/1327019466673311746
10/ 🇨🇦Canada: and the most recent win as Ontarian judge finds that youth can rely on #HumanRights Charter to challenge governmental weakening of climate goals ⚖️
thanks @SamVarvastian for flagging this great win by @stockwoodsllp & @ecojustice_ca https://twitter.com/SamVarvastian/status/1327298599751983104
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