It's between 12:31AM and 3:31AM in most of the US. Perfect. If I ever run for office, people won't refer to the following trainwreck as proof I'm unfit for office.

THIS is the #IGCvSNES thread for SimCity, brought to you by @DirectRelief.. who the citizens of my city would need.
SimCity joining the Nintendo family was a long and complex process. Originally set to release on the NES, that version was considered lost until a ROM finally surfaced of the incomplete game in 2018.

The always awesome @frankcifaldi wrote-up on it here: 
SimCity on the SNES might have been the introduction to the concept of load times to players.

I did a Google search and it looks like Map #061 is near-universally considered the best because it has the most land area to work with, so I shall use it.

After careful consideration and tapping into my complete and total lack of maturity, I've decided the name of my lustrous city.

My German-speaking readers are LOLing, I assure you.

It ain't pretty but it should do once people start moving in.

And boom, we're a town. You'll note I'm assuming the SNES version operates like the original PC versions did and there's ways to fool the system.

Like.. railroads don't degrade if you build power-lines over them. Or only needing 2 rail-road spaces to cover a block.

The best part about being an iron-fisted dictator (they call it "mayor" which is just a dictator who isn't ambitious enough) is I get to have prime beach-front real estate.

And just like that, Furztown is a city!

They laughed at me when I said building downwind from where they tested atom bombs was mad.


Who says I'm unfit for office?

Back to SimCity, and I'm starting the timer now.

I failed multiple times to get the money cheat to work so I started over.

Let's see if this works.

Got it :)

I'll bulldoze all this crap THEN start the timer.

Chickago is looking good. I'm going to cover the entire map and then connect the power.

I have not yet connected the power to Chickago.

Capital city of Indienois.
I'm getting ready to connect the power to Chickago.

Any bets on what the population will be by the end of the game year?

It's January 1900.

I have the game set to no time moving..

I haven't covered the south end yet.

I have covered every square inch of land.

If it's not land, I built park over it.

I'm MAD I tells ya.

I'm about to connect the power to Chickago. Everyone say a prayer. I have Bowser on standby to destroy my creation if needed. Yea, it's Bowser instead of Godzilla.

I used up so much land it's giving me more.
It's given me SEVERAL pieces of landfill.

I turned on the time, connected the power, and immediately got town status.

Chickago.......... it's a city on the grow.

And then immediately became a city.

My iron-fisted rule of evil has began.

And a ship immediately crashed. Well crap on me.

I need to work out the bugs.

Before year one is up, Chickago is doing fabulous. We have two parks, two stadiums, and now a windmill and an expo!

We are now the capital city of Indieanapolis.

And an amusement park.

And a library.

And I'm a Metropolis. Presumably I'll now have my own Superman. I'm going to call him Wonder Person.

I have 150,000 people. Not every area is taking. I'm giving it time, but I'm also going to redo some of it.
OH RIGHT, review..

Shockingly, SimCity on the SNES controls amazingly. It's one of the most intuitive and optimized games of its type I've ever seen on any console.

We recently got Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 on the Switch, my Dad is hooked on it. BUT it's not intuitive. #IGCvSNES
It's 1901! How would those people know what pollution is?

Remember that I didn't start in 1900. I cheated to get a million dollars.

So this is really my 14th active month.

I've cleared a quarter-million population.


In retrospect, naming the city Chickago was asking for it.


Apparently pollution leads to crime. Screw Superman. I need Captain Planet.

Anyway, I've played tons of variations of SimCity. This is probably one of the funnest. It's insane how well this plays with a D-Pad.

Unfathomable. #IGCvSNES
The citizens of Chickago have spoken and chosen me as their benevolent living God.

A god that chain smokes, hence the pollution.

Holy crap, a plane crashed..

And thankfully missed almost everything. Damn Wright Bros.

The plane crash fire has been burning for two months now.

"Cathy, are you paving over.................. THE WATER?"

"Yea. Can't have polluted water if there's no water."


"That and it spits out theme parks for roads. I'm going to bulldoze it once I get enough."

I'd say Chickago is doing pretty good.

And so is SimCity. It's incredible that, nearly 30 years after this port's release, and sim games that use traditional game controllers haven't really improved or even really matched the ease and intuitiveness seen here.

Wow, yo. #IGCvSNES
Now onto phase 2: total world domination.

Little do the citizens of Chickago know that they're building the Ultimate Doomsday Weapon.

I call it........... video games.

I'm getting ready to wrap up SimCity


I think having three zones is really stringent, and I don't like how some residential zones just automatically become hospitals or schools and you can't plan for it. It seems like those should have been player's choice. #IGCvSNES
68% approval rating. @CoryBooker didn't even get that much approval when he ran into a burning building to save a citizen as mayor of Newark.

Of course, unlike Booker, I have access to weather control devices and can send a tornado at my subjects.

And that's SimCity.

I literally can't believe that held up. A 1991 simulation seems like exactly the type of genre that would crater with the massage of time, and hell, versions of SimCity have succumbed to the ravages of aging.

Not this time. It aged very, very well. #IGCvSNES
My Fellow Chickagoians..

I must move on from your miserable lives to begin playing Legend of the Mystical Ninja.



Fudge ya.

Serves them right for only approving me 68%.

In the Super NES version, instead of Godzilla attacking your city, it's Bowser.

(kicks feet up)

It's good to be the HBIC.

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