BREAKING—Our entire country, from coronavirus pandemic. Another new all-time record 150,000 cases today. Thanksgiving holidays are coming w/ risky indoor gatherings.

Try to keep outdoors. But if you must indoors—you must mask!! Premium masks if possible.

#COVID19 is airborne.
3) and VENTILATION and FILTRATION are also key if you must indoors. I don’t endorse gathering indoors but we know people won’t listen. So the best way to mitigate is masks, ventilation, and air filtration with HEPA filters. But please try not to gather — and outdoors best.
4) How is aerosol different from large droplets? One aerosol study (CDC journal) indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable up to 16 hours in stagnant air. Typical air exchange every 20 min to 4 hrs, depending on ventilation. #COVID19
5) Masks and aerosols demo. Must watch.
6) we are about to hit our 11th million in just 1-2 more days. It’s accelerating
8) Now that aerosol transmission of the coronavirus is established, we need to both mask and disperse aerosols quickly. Key is ventilation. Japan assumed it was airborne from the very beginning. Hence their mask culture and focus on air flow. #COVID19
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