In d land of Rameshwaram/Ramesh/Ramalingam,Ramadoss,Sitaraman, Kalyanaraman,Ramachandran, Sethuraman,Ramaswamy/Ramsaami, Ramadorai,Ramalingam,Jayaraman, which r ubiquitous across castes,Jai Ram won't work bcoz it is Brahminical & Lord Murugan is worshipped by non-Brahmins?Vokay.
"Vetrivel Muruganukku Haro Hara" is so common in Tamizh Brahmin households, especially among the Iyers, that the attempt to Dravidianize Lord Murugan is as ignorant as it is pathetic. Do these ppl even know the culture of Tamizh Naad?
The entire Mukkaniar Brahmin community is dedicated to d worship of Lord Murugan at Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple in Tiruchendur.I shud know because they,along wid d @indiccollective,have challenged d TNHRCE Act 1959 in d SC & highlighted d utter loot of d Temple by d TNHRCE Dept.
In fact, these geniuses should tell us who are Brahmin Deities and Non-Brahmin Deities and tell us what have the done to give back Temples of so-called Non-Brahmin Deities to the Hindu community. That they won't because State control affects Hindus regardless of the caste.
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