I'm trying to make sense of why the province would alter a public health order that would have limited social gatherings to your immediate household. What happened between Tuesday morning and Wednesday night to make them change course? #COVID19 (1/4)
Dr. Brent Roussin has repeatedly said people are gathering and spreading the virus. How is a household of 8, for example, inviting 5 other people over for a dinner party going to be any different than before? #COVID19 (2/4)
Dr. Roussin tweeted late Wednesday that “Manitobans don’t need a law to do what is right.” That may be true, but for a large portion of the population, a law might have been the deterrent needed to slow the spread over these next four weeks. #COVID19 (3/4)
Meanwhile, small gatherings outside of your household can now (legally) proceed, but hair salons and your local yoga studio pay the price by having to close as of today. Where is the logic? #COVID19 (4/4)
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