📍This is so DEVASTATING—

29% of hospitalized #COVID19 patients died in 38 Michigan 🏥s during hospitalization (24%) or within 60 days of discharge (5%).

An astounding 63% of those in ICUs with #COVID19 died.

15% then rehospitalized within 60 days! 🧵
2) In a followup survey of 488 #COVID19 patients post discharge, Cardiopulmonary symptoms (such as cough and dyspnea) were reported by 159 patients or 32.5%, including ***92 (19%) with new or worsening symptoms*** and 65 with persistent loss of taste or smell.
3) Of the 117 patients who returned to work, 30 reported reduced hours or modified duties due to health reasons. That is **1 in 4 people** who couldn’t fully work—among those who even could post #COVID19 hospital discharge.
4) Nearly half of all patients (238 of 488) reported being emotionally affected by their health.
5) Moreover, 179 patients reported at least a mild financial impact from their hospitalization

47 reporting use of most or all of their savings and 35 rationing food, heat, housing, or medications due to cost.
6) Summary— “These data confirm that the toll of COVID-19 extends well beyond hospitalization. Although most patients saw a primary care provider after discharge, 1 in 5 had no primary care follow-up visit within 60 days of discharge.
7) BOTTOMLINE: Collectively, these findings suggest that better models to support COVID-19 survivors are necessary. This is why we need @Survivor_Corps led by @dianaberrent.
8) And we need to stop this coronavirus. We do not want this to be our continued fate. #COVID19 https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1326761410345447425
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