I know a lot of folks think that since we've been in this pandemic for months now things are calming down, but I am still hearing from mentees who are struggling, both on here & through private conversations. 1/8 https://twitter.com/Napaaqtuk/status/1265691782274142213
(although one of today's posts was from a student who send me a DM in March but it went to a hidden folder in my DMs and I just found it, the other is from today, sorry about that) 2/8
Summary of recent comments:
1. PIs are taking a long time to get back to them, which is hard bc mentees are facing career milestones need feedback on manuscripts/chapters.

2. Some campuses are requiring students to be on campus to TA and students don't feel safe. 3/8
3. Zoom meetings are all business with little time for mentees to discuss the mental fatigue/inability to focus, and they need guidance for how to deal with that.

4. PIs aren't acknowledging the things mentees are dealing with (BLM, Covid, racism, election anxiety). 4/8
Students are also saying some really positive things about PIs out there too, especially those who are being compassionate! But those PIs need to reach out to fellow PIs who aren't as compassionate/responsive. Some things you can do: 5/8
1. Put this on the faculty meeting agenda. You can bring in someone from the student health center or Dean of Students office (or a similar office) to discuss.

2. Reach out to students for whom you are a committee member and offer help/to listen. 6/8
3. Have a research seminar speaker who focuses on mentee well being, whether it be on mental health, mentoring, or something related.

Feel free to add ideas below.
I know it's hard to be a mentor right now. Heck, it's hard to be productive right now no matter where you are in the mentee/mentor relationship. Your mentees understand that, but they still need you. Please be there for them.
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