2/ An "unanswered irregularity" is not a serious argument, but a conspiracy theory argument. It's the statement that anything unexplained is evidence of the conspiracy. A conspiracy explains everything that isn't otherwise explained -- it becomes the null hypothesis.
3/ I experience this in "data breach investigations". Corporate politics often come to a conclusion what they think happened, then the investigation devolves into "confirmation bias" and the aforementioned problem that everything unexplained is explained by their theory.
4/ There's no evidence of any of these allegations. Things like "dead people voting" come from repeated allegations that appear anonymously on forums that are quickly debunked.
5/ Evidence is evidence. Either your have data and facts, or you have rumor, innuendo, and memes. These memes are spreading faster than the debunking. Do people even know how memes work? how they spread ignorance and disinformation???
6/ This how we know Trump is bad. He and his supporters have yet to cite anything substantial. They have instead simply cited things that are unclear. We are in the "many fuzzy pictures of UFOs" stage of conspiracy theory, rather than in a "single clear picture of an alien" stage
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