BC's #covid19 update Nov 8
5 deaths 281
536 sun 462 mon New- 998 new
18714 total
Active (3741-fri) 4081
VCH (5451-sat) +210
FH (10529-sat) +737
Int (865-sat) +28
Island (287-sat) +12
North (459)+11
Non-res (90)
Hosp/icu 133/43 (100/31-sat)
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BC's #covid19 update Nov 8 - cont
Monitor (7887 - fri) Now 9179
LTC (31/4) Now 31/5 - 715 residents, 535 staff
13425 recovered
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Written orders announced Sat Dr Henry says will be on website later today.
What we are looking at now - new cases - are people exposed 5 - 14 days ago.
Purpose is to break chains of transmissions that were happening at a rapid rate in some areas
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This virus moves with people and it is us who has the ability to stop this transmission" Dr Henry says.
Restrictions are a last resort but needed now to put the brake on non-essential activities to focus on priorities.
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To clarify, Dr Henry says, the regional restriction is similar to what we had in spring.
You can go to work but if you can work from home, do.
You can go out for dinner but follow all rules without exception.
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You can get married, have funerals in small numbers in places with stringent safety protocols.
It is the receptions that are not allowed at home or anywhere else.
So if you are planning on getting married soon, postpone the reception.
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Right now we need to reduces social interactions and social gatherings. We need to look at doing the things we did in the spring - Dr Henry says - get together online. Instead of having someone over for dinner, drop off a meal for them
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Dr Henry:If you're in doubt about whether to travel/see someone right now - don't. Don't have them come see you.
Say no to those play dates right now.
If in doubt, don't.

What is OK:
AA or other AA-type meetings
Walks with 1 or 2 others outside
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Non-contact indoor sports (like curling, pools) are ok as long as people are NOT congregating on sidelines.
Mentions parents gathering outside arenas waiting for kids as a risk factor.
The rest going back to phase 2 of ViaSport recommendations.
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Outdoor sports are OK but traveling to other communities to play is not.
Nor is it ok for spectators to gather on sidelines.
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Indoor gym/dance studio type group activities:
Dr Henry says 'we've learned it is not safe' - we thought we had adequate protocols we know it is particularly risky so suspended..
Not a reflection on businesses, a reflection of new science/information.
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Gyms can continue to have individual training -- Dr henry says new guidelines/protocols for studios/gyms coming this week.
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Remembrance Day: Dr henry asking people to celebrate virtually.
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Dr Henry says countries have made it through wars and come back. We will make it through this and come back....
it may be dark now but there is light ahead.
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Now Health Minister @adriandix giving condolences to families of those who have passed.
Looking at hospital occupancy and ability to keep up with surgeries, he says the province is quite strong still right now.
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