THREAD on why the Pfizer vaccine might not work for India:
The vaccine has to be kept in ultra-cold temperature at below -80C.  .This could pose major logistical challenges for countries like India.
1/5 #COVID19 #Pfizer
The WHO says Covid-19 vaccines under development can be categorised in three storage temperature requirements: 2-8C, -20C and -70C. Many will require an "ultra cold chain" at temperatures which will "definitely prove a challenge to many countries." 2/5 #COVID19 #Pfizer
B Thiagarajan, MD of Blue Star, which has a major share of pharma cold chain products, told me: When it comes to vaccines to be stored at temperatures between 2 to 8C, we are well equipped. If the vaccine has to be kept at -40C, there will be a problem. 3/5 #COVID19 #Pfizer
At nearly 40 million tonnes, India's cold storage capacity is one of the world's largest, but it mainly stores fresh food, healthcare products, flowers and chemicals. Much of the capacity is not internationally hygiene compliant for storing vaccines. 4/5 #COVID19 #Pfizer
That is where a heat tolerant 'warm vaccine' that can be transported without depending on the cold chain can be a game changer. Indian scientists are developing one. I wrote on the vaccine and our cold chain. 5/5 #COVID19 #Pfizer 
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