Today is going to be a rough day for many growth stocks especially the Covid winners like $ZM $PTON $DOCU $ROKU etc (down 5-15% pre market).

With this vaccine we’re going to see a massive rotation into value that could last days, weeks or months.
Even though these phenomenal companies are not going away and the vaccine won’t be available/distributed for months it’s all about sentiment and where the big funds are putting their future bets. Right now they’re betting on the value stocks that have underperformed year to date.
Everyone needs to do what’s right for them but for me it’s sell now, let the dust settle, then reassess and redeploy.

Never let taxes or cap gains be the primary reason for not selling because if your stock drops 30% you’ll wish you had just sold and paid the taxes.
If you are a long term, buy & hold investor then perhaps a 20-30% pullback is tolerable for you and simply a buying opportunity. I think this is also a good mindset to have.

Like I said, your decisions today depend on what kind of investor you are.
Let’s take $FSLY for instance. Even though they are a high growth tech company, many of their biggest enterprise customers are travel related stocks ie Airbnb, Expedia, HotelTonight, JetBlue and so on. Therefore any sell off in $FSLY today should be bought.
Not to get too complicated by I have buy and sell limit orders open on many of my stocks today.

Here’s an example... $PTON is currently at $110 pre-market after closing Friday at $125. I have sell orders at $118, $120, $122 but I also have buy orders at $104, $102, $100.
My biggest winner today will probably be $CYRX (up 13% pre market) because they do cold storage shipping and logistics for biotech and pharmaceutical companies including VACCINES 👍🏼
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