Can an electric car do all the things a conventional car can? Are they really a silver bullet for fighting #climatechange. We spent 20 hours on the road to find out. #verifythis #ElectricVehicles
We drove a @ChevyElectric Bolt. For a small car, I liked the acceleration. But like most #ElectricVehicles the advertised range was much higher than what we found. Interview with Eddie Alterman from @CARandDRIVER says electric SUV's and trucks are what drivers really want.
The emissions of #ElectricVehicles depend, in large part, on the fuel sources used to make the electricity that powers them. #Texas produces more wind than any other state so that's 23% of what powers an electric car. #climatechange #RenewableEnergy
Been getting a few questions that I thought would be helpful to answer here:
How much does it cost per charge? I found it was about $10 a session through providers like @ElectrifyAm. These are private companies... so you’re paying for more than just the juice.
Did the trip take longer than it would it a conventional car? Yes. But hard to say how much longer as we were often working while the car charged. Overall, probably 20% more time. But if you’re a good planner you can build that into your trip and do other things.
Bottom Line: America needs #ElectricVehicles to fight #climatechange. They won't scale unless government is involved. And like all industrial solutions there is an environmental impact.

(Also... you might get frustrated on an epic road trip)
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