Funny > How long did that take?? Lol
Do u people believe MOS does NOT know there was Voter fraud?
Are u awake, yet? Askin for a fren
Bibi The🤡 #DarkToLight
I am sorry wat was that again, Joe?? #DarkToLight
What was that again [CS] ?? #Renegade?? #DarkToLight
I wonder who @POTUS is talking about?? #DarkTolight
Anybody see a pattern yet?? Oh look it [NP and [CS]
Imagine that working w #BigTech [Dar🐾]and making speech @ #CFR Are u awake yet?
There are NO coincidences
Man the above vid sounds really familiar?? Hmmm
Are U Awake??
I am sorry Bibi wat was that again?? 🤔 #DarkToLight
Do u ALL remember SASSE and Romney's anti @POTUS behavior? I am sure it's ALL coincidences tho😏
MOAR on [DS] #Mittens 👇 #DarkTolight
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