1/ YouTube is an AMAZING resource when used properly (Thread)

Here are my favorite YouTube channels:

Top 5:

Mark Rober - @MarkRober
Real Engineering
Smarter Every Day - @smartereveryday
Stuff Made Here - @stuffmadehere
Wintegartan - @wintergatan

More 👇👇👇👇👇
2/ Building:

Adam Savage's Tested
April Wilkerson
I Like To Make Stuff
Laura Kampf
Make Something
Matt Risinger
Modern Home Project
Primitive Technology
This Old House
What's Inside
3/ Chess:

Agadmator's Chess Channel
Chess with Suren
Ginger GM
GJ Chess
GMBenjamin Feingold
4/ Education

Crash Course
It's OK To Be Smart
Project Farm
Sci Show
Star Talk
Talks At Google
TEDx Talks
The Backyard Scientist
The Slow Mo Guys
Tony Seba - @tonyseba
5/ Engineering:

Practical Engineering
Real Engineering
Smarter Every Day
Stuff Made Here
8-Big Guy
Undecided With Matt Ferrel
6/ Family Fun:

Dude Perfect
Mark Rober
Mr. Beast
Outdoor Boys
7/ Gaming

Angry Video Game Nerd
Gaming Historian
Summoning Salt
8/ Gardening:

Back to Reality
Discover Permaculture with Geoff Lawton
Huw Richards
Justin Rhodes
Nature's Always Right
9/ History:

Crash Course
History Channel
Weird History
10/ Money:

Company Man
David Lee
Micro Cap Club
Minority Mindset
Mr Money Mustache
Motley Fool
Our Rich Journey
11/ Twitter / Social Media education:

David Perrell - @david_perell
Pomp Podcast - @APompliano
Visualize Value - @visualizevalue
Any other channels you think I should add?
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