This is very serious. B.C. is reporting 589 new #covid19 cases. This is an all-time high and significantly higher than yesterday's 425 cases, which was also an all-time daily high.
Dr. Bonnie Henry is reporting a total of 17,149 #covid19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic; 3,741 active cases, 7,887 people being monitored and 13,035 people who have recovered.
There are 104 people in hospital, 28 of those in ICU There are two new #covid19 deaths, for a total of 275 deaths in B.C., Dr. Henry reports. This is also dire ~ there are six new healthcare outbreaks and one new community outbreak at the Royal Inland Hospital construction site.
This next bit of the statement may be bracing us for more restrictions ~ maybe that's the purpose of tomorrow's briefing. Dr. Henry is asking all businesses to review their safety plans and for all employees to stay home if they're feeling sick. #covid19
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