1. 'The real epidemic - Corruption in science and politics is about to fuel a vaccination mania that will harm many and bring profit to few’ by Wolfgang Wodarg, 6.11.20
Original German article https://www.rubikon.news 
A few auto-translated quotes in English to follow.
2. 'Vaccination has always been a business of fear. How else can substances on this scale be pumped into the bodies of healthy people? To create fear, however, you need a danger. And if the real danger does not seem great enough to have the desired effect, you just have to...'
3. 'hold a magnifying glass over it with the help of the media. Many politicians have also long since become advertising media for the vaccination industry. Why are they playing this game? There is an ugly, but unfortunately true word for it: corruption.'
4. 'Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, as a physician, former member of parliament and volunteer anti-corruption campaigner, is ideally suited to help immunise the public against organised conspiracy. Perhaps that is one reason why many people would like to make him public enemy number one.'
5. 'It is always the same trick: a disease is magnified under the media magnifying glass and presented as the most terrible danger possible. The media like that. This kind of agenda-setting makes most people realise for the first time that the allegedly dangerous disease...'
6. 'exists at all. This used to be different with epidemics. Corrupt politicians and scientists do the rest. And if the fear is great enough, governments must react, of course. Until now, they have only ever financed and bought vaccines and advertised them in "pandemics".'
7. 'Now they are even helping to organise the fear of the "epidemic" themselves. There are also plenty of white coats who are always willing to pay for them. After all, popularity and research funds are luring people. The red lights among doctors and patients should come on...'
8. 'at the latest now, when the chancellor is trying to push through even immature genetic "mass vaccinations" after the PCR tests that are not approved for diagnosis and unsuitable. She is planning this under the absurd guise of an epidemiological emergency of national ...'
9. 'proportions, across the board and bypassing the doctors treating them.

*Well-known scaremongers as pioneers of big business*
The joint panic-mongering of Drosten, Lauterbach, Söder or Merkel lacks any medical or scientific basis. Lauterbach, for example, is now...'
10. 'running amok again with an embarrassingly bad study, brand "Imperial College". This panic factory has already conjured the most outrageous fear scenarios out of its computers in the case of bird and swine flu, with the help of the notorious Neil Ferguson. So now Covid-19...'
11. 'is supposed to reduce our mental performance in the long run. Whether political madness has anything to do with it?

*There are more reliable guides - also at the RKI*
As I have done for many years, I prefer to stick to the clean epidemiologists of the Robert Koch Institute'
12. '(RKI), who are reporting to us right now, at the end of October 2020, during the test tsunami & before the second lockdown:

"In the National Reference Centre (NRZ) for Influenza Viruses, in the 43rd week of KW 2020, only rhinoviruses were identified in a total of eleven..'
13. '(39 percent) of the 28 sent in sentinel samples. In none of the sentinel samples examined were influenza viruses or SARS-CoV-2 identified.Due to the small number of samples sent in,it is not possible to make a robust assessment of the viruses that may still be circulating..'
14. 'Since virus samples are otherwise taken in waves of influenza thousands of times in people with respiratory diseases, one wonders: Why are so few regular samples taken now? Is nobody sick any more?'
15. 'Vaccination because of wrong diagnoses?
The drifting apart of high PCR test numbers with correspondingly higher false positive test results on the one hand and official documentation of a mild autumn season on the other hand proves even for medical laypersons that the PCR..'
16. 'test does not tell anything about clinical findings, infections or infectivity. It is completely unsuitable and misleading as a yardstick for decisions on measures under the Infection Protection Act (IfSG).
"Close your eyes and go through" seems to be the slogan.'
17. 'But politicians do not care about evidence-based medicine at present, and the National Ethics Councils and Vaccination Committees apparently no longer even ask about the indication of measures, but argue about prioritisation, according to ...'
18. 'the motto: who will benefit first from the new "vaccines" and who, unfortunately, will have to wait. The so-called Covid-19 vaccination may become the most damaging of these measures. It is already financed by our contributions and taxes and is in reality ...'
19. ..'a giant nationwide observation study with novel genetic manipulations of our immune systems.

*Genetic engineering under the false flag*
What some 200 companies and consortia worldwide are currently researching and want to market as quickly as possible are largely new..'
20. 'and highly risky genetic interventions in complex biological communication processes of our immune system. Interventions that are to be carried out on healthy people on a scale never attempted before. During the swine flu excitement and in the middle of the upcoming 2009...'
21. ..'federal election campaign, the vaccine lobby, with the help of its willing representatives, had the use of recombinant nucleic acids in humans hidden as "vaccination" in the German Medicines Act. This happened in the last session before the election campaign...'
22. ..'summer break without any debate and was secretly recorded in the minutes.

The companies and their political lobby are still trying to euphemistically convince us that it is a normal vaccination. Only if as many people as possible can be "vaccinated" will it finally be..'
23. 'possible to free ourselves from the threatening burden of a deadly pandemic. Only when a vaccination is available for everyone will the pandemic be ended, announced Ms von der Leyen at her "donation conference" in chorus with the heads of government of almost all of ...'
24. ..'Europe as early as spring 2020.

*Zero risk and high profits*
AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer, Sanofi/GSK, Merck/Uni Oxford, CureVac, Biologika, CEVEC, ARTES, Vibalogics/Janssen, Moderna/NIAID, Novavax and others are in the starting blocks and are in the ...'
25. ..'process of completing the funded "telescoped" studies, if possible without scandals and without fuss, within the framework of a "rolling" approval process. They can let it roll relatively relaxed, because the promised liability exemptions, tax subsidies in the billions...'
26. 'and the purchase guarantees for hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses mean that they already have their business practically in their pockets.

The situation was similar with swine flu. Even the more than 20 million vaccine doses adulterated with potentiators, which we...'
27. 'were spared by critical specialists, general practitioners and paediatricians in the case of swine flu, had already been paid for. They could be disposed of in peace and quiet, yet still brought Glaxo and its competitors worldwide carefree returns in the billions.'
28. '*Vaccination centres to replace doctors' surgeries*
In the last week of October, the Federal Minister of Health called on the Länder to prepare the establishment of a total of around 60 vaccination centres throughout Germany and to notify the delivery addresses ...'
29. ...'for vaccines by 10 November 2020. The public health authorities are to be involved in this process. However, plans are also being made to convert congress or concert halls that are currently closed down anyway (Tagesschau, 23 October 2020).'
30. 'For the first time, normal vaccination operations will thus be largely transferred from doctors' surgeries to facilities which - like PCR testing - are mainly run by large private laboratories and service providers.

To justify the circumvention of the increasingly...'
31. ...'critical medical profession, technical specificities of some of the newer methods are cited as justification. The new mRNA "vaccine" must be stored and transported deep-frozen at -20 or below -80 degrees Celsius. Once it is ready for injection, it should be kept in ...'
32. ...'the refrigerator for a few hours at most. According to information from industry, this is necessary because it is not possible to develop a process in the short development time that would also guarantee stability at normal refrigerator temperatures.'
33. '*Logistics companies also benefit*
The big players in the logistics industry such as DHL, Fedex and UPS are rubbing their hands and apparently already preparing for a huge deal with cool logistics with a lot of government support. Handelsblatt and Deutsche Welle reported...'
34. 'that the companies are setting up several large cold stores as close as possible to airports, where hundreds of large freezers are said to be located, each capable of holding tens of thousands of vaccine doses. The manufacturers of such refrigerators - the Handelsblatt...'
35. ..'mentions the Swabian company Binder from Tuttlingen, for example - are also among the war profiteers in this war against test results. So there are many for whom even this madness promises good business.
It would be much easier and cheaper to, alternatively use...'
36. 'a conventional updated corona antigen component in the annual influenza vaccination mixture. However, it has not yet been shown that this would somehow significantly defuse the annual waves of influenza. Nor could such a common vaccination campaign be used to stage or...'
37. 'justify a big business or political "reset".

'Anamnestic knowledge and individual medical vaccination advice are more necessary than ever, especially in the case of planned new types of interventions in the processes of the immune system. This is because a myriad of...'
38. 'individually different complications and side effects are threatening. It would be gross negligence - even if made legally possible by emergency ordinances - to have the interventions carried out by auxiliary staff far away from the patient in mass actions.'
39. '*Rolling approval and systematic fading out of side effects*
The inevitably higher risk for "vaccinated" persons in the case of "rolling" vaccine approvals is supposedly compensated by the fact that the companies have to carry out application observations, observational...'
40. 'studies or post-marketing studies. This involves the vigilant observation of possible adverse effects of drugs, in the jargon of pharmacovigilance.

But what to think of the type of pharmacovigilance now envisaged was already investigated and denounced years ago in the...'
41. 'Health Working Group at Transparency International. In the case of the genetic modifications now planned in millions of healthy people in the shortest possible time, such an approach is more than grossly negligent.'
42. 'If only one in a thousand vaccinated people were to suffer a serious side effect, this would mean tens of thousands of autoimmune diseases, paralysis or even deaths in Germany. Much more damage than all the "pandemics" of the last twenty years have been able to cause.'
43. 'In the case of mass vaccinations in chicken or pig fattening facilities, the follow-up period lasts at most until the planned slaughter date, for obvious reasons. This means only weeks to months. The virologists and epidemiologists from the veterinary medicine ...'
44. 'should be called upon: Humans are not animals for slaughter and want to live long and stay healthy without harmful side effects of drugs. But even in human medicine, the pharmaceutical industry minimises its interest in late effects for business reasons.'
45. 'There is therefore very little knowledge about such late effects of vaccination. Contergan sends its regards.

Moreover, in the case of genetic modifications, cross-generational effects via the germ line cannot be categorically ruled out, ...'
46. 'but should be part of technology impact assessments and pharmacovigilance. In the Bundestag's Health Committee, I vehemently, but in vain, opposed the idea that monitoring, recording and evaluation of adverse drug reactions should be in the hands of the same authorities...'
47. 'that approve the drugs for marketing. Unfortunately, that is still the case.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry would prefer to carry out this monitoring on its own responsibility, as "voluntary self-regulation". Because of the relaxation of data protection by the ...'
48. 'current Minister of Health and his close cooperation with the data industry and the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry, we are not far from such a hostile takeover of public tasks.'
49. '*The fear of a disease as a harvest helper for Big Data*
The big data companies are rubbing their hands in any case, because the "pandemic" came at just the right time for them. After a few favours from the Minister of Health last year - digital vaccination card, ...'
50. 'electronic patient file, implant register, gematik takeover, etc. - they are now really hitting the mark with contact apps, registration of tested persons,reports on contacts, mobility and hygiene discipline. Even symptoms that have occurred are to be collected centrally...'
51. 'in future. As this is too much for the state administration to handle, the big data companies are not only happy about government contracts, but also have our most intimate health data in their computers. Data protection is of course guaranteed.'
51. 'So we are slowly becoming a transparent society. Under the pretext of medical research or health monitoring, our health data is now being collected more and more completely from the cradle to the grave.'
52. 'In the case of Covid-19, allegedly for prophylactic evaluation and for research and improvement of new vaccines.

But what do Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Avarto/Bertelsmann and others care about our health? They need our data as the "gold of the future" for ...'
53. 'their businesses, because primarily they do not have to supply us, but their shareholders. While these are legitimate self-interests, it is not legitimate for a lobbyist in the ministerial office to abuse his public office to feed the economy with our health data through...'
54. 'hectic data laws and emergency decrees. What does he get out of it? Can this be investigated? Corruption and abuse of office have so far been open to prosecution in Germany.'
55. '*No good therapy without a clean diagnosis*
The best way to tell whether something is dangerous is to look at the damage it causes. This must be recognised in good time and observed precisely, systematically and prospectively. For example through sentinels, as ...'
56. 'the RKI operates them or as a responsible public health officer from Bavaria and others suggest. Increasingly, hospital doctors in several countries are coming out of hiding and asking about the alleged number of Covid-19 patients.'
57. 'That we have masses of sick people overcrowding hospital beds because of a new corona virus is obviously not true.'
58. 'I have also just received the following indignant e-mail about the situation in the outpatient departments of the panel doctors:
"At first there was not a cent for the tests, and many colleagues - almost all of them in our region - hardly tested at all. Now we get ...'
59. 'more money for a test - duration: 1 minute - for a healthy person (15 Euros) than for a complete abdominal sonography for an acute abdomen (15 minutes for 12 Euros). That is why tests are now suddenly being done everywhere".'
60. 'You can also see here: The viruses are not the problem.

*The real epidemic is institutional corruption*
In my previous work as a doctor, as a member of parliament and as a volunteer anti-corruption campaigner, I have been able to collect enough examples of ...'
61. 'large-scale science fraud, fictitious disasters, bought analyses and fact-checkers, secret lobbying strategies, psyoping, astroturfing, professional troublemakers, provocateurs or shitstormers with the big players in the agricultural industry, the energy sector, the ...'
62. 'private armaments and "security" industry, the media world and of course especially the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry. However, since the simple bribery of officials has increasingly given way to the private takeover of entire offices and public institutions, the...'
63. 'legal situation has become very complicated. A lot of money is needed for paid lobbying and agenda-setting as well as for lawyers to defend against it.

Some have a lot of it, and others cannot afford it. What we are now seeing is the result of this ...'
64. 'socially desolate imbalance. It does not help when a few billionaires think they can (sell) the world's salvation. Whatever such salvation may look like in the minds of self-appointed philanthropists, it can only lead to violence and oppression.'
65. 'How many times have we believed we had overcome these archaic autocratic patterns through human rights, democracy and the rule of law? Unfortunately, there is still no vaccine against corruption.'
66. Some auto-translated quotes above from
'The real epidemic - Corruption in science and politics is about to fuel a vaccination mania that will harm many and bring profit to few’ by Wolfgang Wodarg, 6.11.20
Original German article https://rubikon.news 
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