#Denmark 🇩🇰 has announced that several people have been infected with a mink-related strain of the #COVID19 virus. WHO is working with the Danish authorities on research and control efforts.
It is normal for viruses to mutate or change over time. But each time a virus goes from humans to animals and back to humans, it can change more. That’s why these reports are concerning. #COVID19
Major variations to the virus might impact on vaccines, therapeutics and treatments. Since the start of the pandemic, WHO has worked with researchers, evolutionary virologists, sequencing teams, and synthetic biologists to track genetic changes in the #COVID19 virus.
Scientists have not yet noted changes to the mink-related strain of the #COVID19 virus identified in #Denmark 🇩🇰 that affect transmissibility, disease severity or reinfection in people. But further evidence is needed.
To prevent further changes to the virus emerging among minks and the spread of mink-related viruses, the Danish authorities have announced that culling of all farmed mink in #Denmark 🇩🇰 will commence immediately.
. @DrMikeRyan and Dr @mvankerkhove answer a question about a mink-related strain of the #COVID19 virus in #Denmark 🇩🇰
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