As a reminder: so far there's no evidence of fraud.

There's only people seeing things they can't explain (like Sharpies) thinking the only possible explanation is that fraud is going on.
Them: "OMG, why are they giving us Sharpies to mark ballots in a way they machine can't read?"
Reality: "The manufacturer has always recommended Sharpies as the best way to mark ballots so the machine can read them".
Them: "OMG, how do you explain the fact that mail in ballots favor Biden?"
Reality: "Trump told is supporters to vote in person and not by mail".
Them: "OMG, look at all these 'canceled' votes of Trump supporters"
Reality: "Trump told people that even if they mailed in ballots to vote in person. When you vote in person, that's the vote that's counted, and the mail-in ballot is canceled"
The point isn't to explain away these conspiracy theories. The point is to show how a "conspiracy" becomes the universal explanation for anything you don't understand. If something happens you can't explain, it becomes evidence of the conspiracy that explains it.
There will be odd things that I cannot explain. This is still not evidence proving the conspiracy. Just because I can't explain it doesn't mean there isn't an explanation.
Here's some explanations of things I couldn't explain -- showing that there's a reasonable explanation for everything:
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