Firstly : Honorary General, not Chief. How can Chief be honorary ? A rank can be honorary in Army, Not appointment.
Secondly : this has been a tradition since 1950, when Gen KM Cariappa was conferred with this honor. It’s nothing new or ‘big step’.
Thirdly : Even https://twitter.com/vishnundtv/status/1324326345099259904
Nepalese Army Chief is conferred with Honorary General’s rank in Indian Army. Last ceremony to this effect was in Jan 2019, when Nepalese COAS Purna Chandra Thapa was honoured with Honorary General’s rank by Indian President in Delhi, India.
And it’s not Royal Nepal Army anymore. It’s Nepalese Army which stand around one lakh strong. It stopped being Royal after monarchy was abolished in Nepal after nearly 250 years. Before RNA it used to be called Gurkha Army, when it was established in 1768. HQ in Kathmandu.
Stands *
And monarchy was abolished in 2008 in Nepal after end of Shah dynasty.
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