This is historic regardless of outcome BUT, phewwwwwwwwwww it’s close.
*Sets alarm for 4am*
33.3k difference. Biden needed 70% of the ~90k left to be counted. 😤
More detail.
There is a chance that a GA race would flip the senate if this goes to a run off. GA potentially having a huge impact.
It’s over very soon!
“Siri, what’s the quickest way to be wide awake at 5:30am?”
I guess this is recount territory now we are sub 50%?
Refresh party.
Good to know.
The math can still work.
Way more wiggle room.
lol ok
Won't be the last but, good!
There it is! GA could be it for the senate.
Related GA US president fact: The @CarterCenter is right here in Atlanta, a really beautiful part of the city.

Also a giant monument to a Dem president.
TBF, I can't imagine how taxing working on this specific thing is. Better to admit it.
Here we go Fulton.
We live in Fulton, so that total count will include Abbys vote! (I can not vote, yet)
Of course.
Down to single digit thousands.
This is going to be relentless for the moment. Get comfy.
Shout out @KatColeATL for 1) Unlimited good energy 2) Unlimited food for those doing the work
Stop refreshing that needle.
Spooky ass city up next.
For context.
We are at the top of the rollercoaster. It’s going to get stuck and we never get the thrill or we scream for joy. 🎢
Can you imagine?
Keep em coming.
Breathing calmly 🌬
Sub 2k!
GA just went to ~1750 difference on NBC. Feel free to mute me.
An absolute banger of a local tweet.
More context. Learning a lot this week 🥴
Applying for citizenship so I can vote has never felt more right. I’ll be good for midterms.
Phewwwwwwww x 1000000
Hyper local wtf
Peak optimism right now but January is also important!
The work being done today. 👇
Remarkable indeed.
Recount all you want buddy.
7k and we are probably not going to see much change. This is also a good thread on historic GA voting.
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