Tesla "Full Self-Driving" on Lombard Street in 2020:

Waymo "Actual Self-Driving" on Lombard Street in *checks notes* 2009:
Waymo's Youtube account has 12 videos showing parts of its 1,000 mile autonomous driving challenge in 2009, and it's generally more impressive than what we're seeing from Tesla ELEVEN YEARS LATER. Watch the entire playlist and judge for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCkt0hth826Ea3d2wZ6FvMv7j-qmxZVsr
My first Waymo ride was in 2016, and it felt miles safer and more competent than what I'm seeing in the FSD beta videos... though still unintuitive and hesitant. The contrast between that 2016 ride and my 2019 Waymo rides is impossible to overstate. Just a massive improvement.
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