There’s really no way to look at the election results thus far and not conclude that the Democratic Party is a complete & utter failure.

This was literally the most ‘winnable’ election of our lifetimes. 1/10
And by ‘failure’ I mean failure to the people they *claim* to represent: the working class, people of color, women, etc.

Dems certainly are NOT a ‘failure’ to the corporations & 1% they *actually* represent. 2/10
The fundamental contradiction of the Dems is that they only care to win IF they can do so within the status quo of preserving the interests of their corporate donors. BUT the interests of their corporate donors conflict with the interests of those they *claim* to represent. 3/10
Through this framework, it’s easy to see why Corporate Dems fight hard against a progressive agenda overwhelmingly supported by the majority of the population but are lukewarm in their ‘resistance’ against neoliberal/corporatist agenda from the right. 4/10
Sure, Biden might squeak by an electoral victory – barely. But anything short of a landslide against this administration & the current economic, political & public health landscape should be considered an abject failure. 5/10
The corporate-owned & controlled duopoly has created a framework that *always* put the interests of corporations & the 1% above the interests of the vast majority of the population – regardless of which of the two wins. 6/10
While true that battleground states like TX, FL, OH & GA are actively engaged in massive voter suppression & the purging of eligible voters to assist a Trump victory – it’s also true that Democrats have done next to nothing for election integrity. 7/10
It’s well past time to dump the two parties who’ve abandoned us long ago. Corporations & the 1% have their two parties. We need a People’s Party @4aPeoplesParty

But that’s just the start... 8/10
Many on the left are far too intoxicated by allure of ‘every 4 years’ electoral politics & have abandoned the strategies & tactics that have given us virtually every progressive win in history. 9/10
The MSM, Corporate Dems, & the political class will *never* give us the tools necessary to undermine their owners’ interests.

Real change will require a radical shift towards consciousness raising, movement building, civil disobedience, etc. 10/10
To address some of the comments in the mentions:

Trump is a racist, sexist, misogynist who exploits racism & sexism in our very racist & sexist society for his own benefit.

"This was the most 'winnable' election of our lifetimes."

Both statements can be true at the same time.
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