The public broadcaster's obsession with "balance" forces Canadians to hear a distorted version of what's happening in US politics, as it relates to us. The Current talking to a Canadian supporting Biden but then having to go to a random college Republican supporter ...
... is a very good example of this distortion. Talking with folks locally here, they really hustled to try and find an American voice to promote Trump, even if literally every single American in this city is anti-Trump.

Radio-Canada featured two Americans last week ...
... who lived here (both friends of mine). Both voted Democrat. They were asked "why is it so hard for us to find Trump supporters? Are they just afraid of publicly supporting Trump?" The response was obvious: actually, Trump supporters are very proud to support Trump. They just
... don't live in Canada. Because when you leave the US and see every single country in the world doing shit differently and usually better, it's very hard to support Trump.

So why would CBC try to torque the narrative as if it's us making this decision?
That's the biggest failure of how CBC has covered this election. There is nearly no attempt to explore how all of this affects us. Instead, we listen as if all of us also get to cast a vote today.

This fake balance is self-immolation and the CBC is setting itself on fire.
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