I would like to wish my best to these Wisconsin candidates tomorrow:
@JessicaKing6th (my step-cousin)
@tompalz who’s running against State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a real piece of 💩
@sara4WI (hope she wins!)
@tammybaldwin (of course)
@RogerforWI (Bryan Steil is another GOP cultist!)
@AmandaStuck8 (smart and tough!)
@StateSenLaTonya (so wonderful to talk to)
@NealPlotkin1 (Neal’s running against that soulless blonde from River Hills; Alberta Darling.)
Joni D. Anderson
Melissa Agard Sargent
Aaron M. Wojciechowski
@pfaff4senate (good luck, man!)
Also, why didn’t anyone run against Duey Stroebel in State Senate Dist. 20!? He is vulnerable! You want change? Run!
Same for Robert Coles in State Senate Dist. 2. Robert Cowles had been there too long and he needs a bus ride home. You don’t like him? Run against him, dammit! The man is dirty!
@SenTaylor, I hope one day you become Majority Leader in the Wisconsin State Senate. You got the voice and the leadership! But we got to end this gerrymandering in our beloved state! This isn’t a democracy; it’s an illiberal republic, with Minority GOP rule!
Remember, Malcolm X said in Detroit in 1964, “It’s either the ballot or the bullet.” That time is NOW. @rashida, you got that?
Kim Delorit Jensen for Rep. Dist. 1
Mark Kiley for Rep. Dist. 2
Again, no one is running against Jim Steinke for Dist. 5! Why? @benwikler, we got to talk...
Richard Sarnwick for Dist. 6 in the WI State Assembly.
@RepDanielRiemer (of course)
Sylvia Ortiz-Velez for Dist. 8
Marisabel Cabrera for Dist. 9
Our own David Bowen for Dist. 10, and by the way, what does it take for David to have his own Twitter account? Can we talk?
@dora_wi (I really hope she wins!)
@Jess4Assembly Now I met Jess, I like Jess, and she’s running against that slick snake oil salesman named Joel Sanfilippo. He just loves killing Milwaukee. But I am afraid Jess won’t win. If you can, follow her.
Kalan Haywood for Dist. 16.
@SMOMKE (He’s the man!)
@RepGoyke. Evan’s a friend of mine. I always like his family and everything about him. One thing Evan did is make a report on Milwaukee County funds & where the tax 💵 goes. Important information. Evan Goyke makes a difference.
@RepBrostoff Always attends MKE County Democratic Meetings and listens. I’m not kidding!
@VoteSinicki Chris Sinicki had gone through a lot, and she knows a lot. If there’s anyone who’s a Rock Star from the South Shore from Bay View to Cudahy, it’s Chris. She’s awesome.
Erik Brooks for Dist. 21. The South Shore Grassroots favorite candidate! Go on FB and find him!
@debforwi Deb Andraca is going after Jim Ott’s seat in the 23rd and he’s a tough candidate to beat. Go Deb!
@jroccocal His opponent is literally wearing a red MAGA hat! Seriously!
Sarah Yacoub for the 30th Dist. She’s on FB.
@KirkBangstad His name sounds like a roundhouse kick from a Red Wing Boot.
And I like @RedWingShoes!
Izzy Hassey Nevarez for Dist. 39. Now, Izzy has been endorsed by @NORML in Wisconsin. Isn’t that about time? Smokers are not criminals! Find Izzy on FB!
Deb Silvers is a substitute teacher running for District 40. Can you imagine if she wins? We need more teachers and less lawyers in politics anyway! Find Deb on FB!
Nate Zimdars, who is running for Dist. 41 is a Democratic Dairy Farmer! At one time, more farmers voted for Democratic candidates in WI than any other state. Let’s reverse the trend and get Nate in!
Melisa Arndt @melisaarndt42 is in the front lines dealing with COVID-19, and she’s running for Dist. 42. She’s also a veteran. Vote her in!
@Samba_Madison (Great guy!)
Shawn Murphy-Lopez is (get this) an organic pig farmer and he’s running for Dist. 49 in the WI State Assembly. Just his occupation alone deserves my vote! Find him on FB
@Kriss4Wisconsin Kriss Marion is an organic Dairy Farmer and running for the 51st Dist. Why not have more farmers running Madison instead of Madison running THEM and US? Vote for Kriss!
@jcon16 Now, Joe Connelly is running as an independent for the 53rd Dist. Good for him! He needs your help. If you can, vote for Joe!
@GordonHintz of course!
Dan Schierl is running for the 55TH Dist, and had been endorsed by the Sierra Club here in Wisconsin. Home of Aldo Leopold and other great naturalists. Find Dan on FB!
Districts 58 to 61 are occupied by Republicans. Don’t be afraid to campaign against them, folks! Challenge them! Right @benwikler?
@ASFORASSEMBLY Auggie Schultz is a Valet Parking Attendant running for Dist. 62. What balls! Good for him! Anytime you send a little money to the @AssemblyDemsWI they help support guys like him. Democracy can work if we believe it can. Faith is strong in WI.
@JoelforWI Joel Jacobsen is running against that ghoul, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who likes to tamper with our elections during a pandemic. You remember Robin Vos, don’t you?
Robin Vos is this guy👇🏼
Sick bastard isn’t he? Well if you vote for @JoelforWI you can send Robin Vos home permanently! Go get him Joel!
@Tip4WI Kenosha needs Tip McGuire!
Greta Neubauer is running for the 66th District against a formidable contender. Find her on FB or online!
Brian Giles is running for the 69th. That’s near Marshfield. Find him on FB!
@RepShankland Katrina is one of the smartest Assembly-women in the State. Support her.
@Criste72nd Now, she’s running against another tool, Scott Krug. Ugh! Get him out of there!
@NickMilroy is an all around good guy to be around. You want real Wisconsin power? Vote for Nick.
@Hong4assembly Francesca Hong had to endure a lot of flack and racism this year while running for the 76th. She is tough, insightful and can be a great representative in Madison.
Keep a close eye for Shelia Stubbs in the 77th. She’s the Chair for the WI Democratic Black Caucus. Find her on FB!
Find Sondy Pope on FB.
All right! Let’s stop for a moment. Jeesh! There are 99 state representative Districts in Wisconsin, and if you’re following this thread, you can tell many of the districts seem to follow a pattern. Think of education, race, tax bracket, and where each candidate is from.
@skchheda had been working near my house at his office for months on gerrymandering in Wisconsin. It is a serious problem! @FairElections is a group everyone needs to follow. Look, Sachin does not eat; he tweets.
Carry on.
Jacob Malinowski ( @ElectJacobWI) just graduated from college. Literally. With a Batchelor’s in Political Science, @Yale! He is RUNNING for Dist. 82! You know how expensive it is to learn at Yale? Vote Jake in!
@JohnsonForWI Mr. Johnson is an USAF veteran and I think Marathon Cty Supervisor. He’s running for the 85th.
@AmandaWhiteEag1 Amanda Whiteeagle is a member of the @HoChunkNationPR with experience in tribal government, tribal affairs and is the Attorney General for the Nation. Oh, she’s also an Associate Judge. I have more to say about Amanda...
She had seen what poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, along with spousal abuse, domestic violence and virtually every trauma imaginable. It is amazing what she has done for the Ho-Chunk Nation and she so richly deserves to be in Madison. Please vote for Amanda Whiteeagle.
@jaynes4wi deserves a seat in Madison for Dist. 96.
The last two districts; 98 and 99 have no Democratic or Independents running against them. BOO!
Now, if you live in one of the 72 counties in Wisconsin, and you want to find out about these candidates, there’s http://ballotready.org  which gives you detailed information on each seat up for grabs in 2020. Check it out!
Don’t forget to vote for the District Attorney’s offices too! Do you really want the GOP to hold those offices after four years of Trump? I’m sure @DAJohnChisholm would agree with me.
There may be a lot of work this coming year too for us. So primary establishment candidates and run in the districts including judicial races, sheriff’s offices and school boards. Good night and good luck! 🤞
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