I spoke to 1,000+ remote workers over the last 6 months

Here's why remote is more about the future of living than the future of work

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🚸 Childcare: the missing part of remote work is childcare. On-demand access will be critical to ensure parents are able to operate effectively.

Some companies will provide this as part of their work remote work package
❤️Social contact: the office as the anchor of your social life & your employer's HR team choosing who you spend most time with is not a good thing

Remote lets you choose who you spend the most time with + gives you freedom for hobbies with people you share common interests with
🚜Rural rebirth: having to live in expensive cities in order to be close enough to commute to a job forced workers to leave the country in search of opportunity

Remote work is allowing them to move back
🔌Rural connectivity: living more rurally has its own problems though

Lack of access to superfast internet means that certain regions will not be able to attract remote working talent while others will
👯‍♂️Part-time: Work will become more flexible. Almost every worker will have multiple streams of revenue

Not depending on a single income stream will liberate workers, many of whom will decide to work more seasonally to maximize time for things they love
📈 Quality of Life: disposable income will increase. You no longer have to live in a high cost of living city with a reliatively low quality of life

People will live close enough to cities to go into them 1-3 times a month
🧶 Hobby Renaissance: commuting and city living leave no freedom to do the things we are most passionate about

Working remotely allows us to surf or ski before work, travel more frequently, develop new passions
👩‍🏫 Access to coaching: everyone who wants to will have access to a coach will have. This will help people perform and optimize

This is about individual improvement
🌍 Diversity & Inclusion: The most diverse and inclusive teams in history will emerge rapidly

Companies who embrace it have a first-mover advantage to attract great talent globally

Companies who don’t will lose their best people to their biggest competitors
⏰ Asynchronous Work: Offices are instantaneous gratification distraction factories where synchronous work makes it impossible to get stuff done

Async will empower workers to work when they are most productive, do the things they love when they want to
🏡 Micro Co-working: a home on every street is transformed into a hyper-local co-working space.

It comes with all the amenities needed, like high-quality coffee, and has on-demand fitness equipment like @onepeloton bikes

A place to escape away from home when needed
🎭 Creativity Explosion: Side hustles, passion projects, fan subscription services will accelerate even more quickly.

No-code tools that lower the barrier to entry, providing infrastructure than lets individuals create better product/content more quickly will be a superpower
📉4 day work weeks: The arbitrary requirement to work 5 days per week will be diminished as output/outcome emerges as the only performance metric that matters

A 4 day work week will be the first step, followed by not just a mandate to work anywhere, but to work any time as well
🥨 Remote perks: Coffee, food orders, child care; the next wave of in-home perks will give power to each worker to control exactly what they want

Services that let companies provide them while enabling workers to personalize to their preference will explode to prominence
🏝 Remote Sabbaticals: People will use the increased flexibility to live a more nomadic life

The will include homeschooling kids as they travel more widely, time spent in different parts of the world at different times of the year
🌉 Silicon Valley Diminishes: The idea of SV will be far more important than it is as a place. Almost no teams will remain HQ'd in the city. Leadership may remain for a while but eventually, they will depart as well

Silicone Valley will become Distributed Valley
👴 Older Workforce: Boomers may be standing in the way of the remote work revolution happening quickly, believe least in its benefits, and lack the trust for it to emerge

Ironically, remote work will allow them to work far more easily later in life – and many will
♿️ Equal Opportunity: Remote work will make work more accessible than it has ever been – almost universal access to opportunity

Nothing will stop workers getting the job they deserve because there will be no obstacles in their way. This will increase the quality of life
🚘 No Commute: 2 hours back every single day

The biggest intangible benefit of remote. A hidden tax many have lived to accept, which remote work gives back the minute you embrace it
🏃‍♂️ Physical Fitness: The lack of commute has allowed a huge number of people to improve their physical fitness

Afternoon runs, morning swim sessions, all made possible by not having to spend 10+ hours away from home each day
🧘‍♂️ Mental Wellbeing: Not having the cognitive load of a 2-hour commute each day while having to come home and deal with the list of chores that wait for you is enormous
🥗 Healthy Eating: Being able to cook every meal rather than settling for the stale sandwiches on the doorstep of your office is huge

Millions of people are discovering the improvements to their lifestyle that come from improving your diet and being able to maintain it
🐕 Humans Bestfriends: Remote work has let some people who have always wanted pets to finally have them

This has massive benefits to health, wellbeing, and general happiness
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