Let me try and take a dig at the interesting state of Geopolitics today.
Pakistan is jumping around threatening others on behest of Turkey, seeing its arch rival India busy with China ( who has extended full support to Pakistan). Turkey has locked horns with France, Greece, https://twitter.com/memrireports/status/1322845705598324736
Armenia and one faction in Libya where it’s against UAE backed forces. Turkey is backing Azerbaijan against Armenia, but Azeris also get tons of weapons from Israel who are best buddies with india, who are also best buddies with Russia who is also friends with China. China,
is fingering almost everyone around the region right from India to Vietnam and can only be contained properly by US, where the outcome of elections will decide the China policy. China is also eager to know the results. US now has started backing India and gone ahead with BECA
and QUAD, with an aim to dominate South China Sea and having a strong ally overall in South Asia to counter China. Russia is cool with Iran who has started to warm upto Turkey very recently. Iran isn’t cool with UAE and especially after the Abraham Accords. UAE hasn’t issued any
Anti France statement, to side with other hardliner Islamic nations. Turkey has threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with UAE but surprisingly maintains same with Israel. Pakistan has been another vocal critic of Abraham accord. Well it still doesn’t recognise Israel or Armenian
Genocide so it’s on a different trip altogether.

In Syria, Russia (air raids), Iran, Shia Militia groups ( Iran recruited them from Iraq, Yemen and Hezbollah are fighting against Turkey, Arab states from Gulf, US and Jordan ( all providing arms, logistics and political support)
That brings me to why this thread on this video of Pakistani cleric asking to Nuke #France is worth nothing. Imran Khan is trying to establish himself as leader of Islamic nations and sadly no one is buying it. Pretty soon, Turkey’s leadership will also put him in his place. The
absence of any monetary strength, military dominance and even political backing, their present gov has escalated its decades old war cry of ‘Fight against Infidels’; which means while India and #Israel will continue to be favourite targets for propaganda, it’ll launch it’s paper
attacks against anyone where it can find some leverage with other Islamic nations. The hypocrisy of Pak can’t be more obvious as in the case of its silence on Uyghur Muslims in China, because China gives the goodies. Also, while the country engages in mass Anti Shia protests, Pak
happily goes and works with Azerbaijanis (Shia majority nation)coz well, Turkey asked them too. Home to almost all terror groups,on brink of # FATF black listing, Pak has finished its reputation internationally. I’ll not get into how messed up it’s on it’s internal issues, but
only focus on how it’s worsened it’s situation by going against France. Even China hasn’t come out to support Pakistan on this. Turkey might, JUST might mend its relations with EU and even France maybe, being NARO and all that. And Pakistan will be left with nowhere to go.
And Turkey isn’t UAE after all. It’s not going to endlessly keep feeding Pak, which it’s used to. It’s nit that big an economy and it’s got a lot going on on its own. US and UAE aren’t on board anymore in helping corrupt army and politicians run the show. IK’s biggest mistake was
Calling out @EmmanuelMacron by name n ensuring a pol issue is turned into a pers vendetta. Every country should take a stand. I agree! But don’t take a wrong one when you also have run around to get a petty debt of 6 Bn cancelled. Time for them to wake up before it’s too late!
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