👁‍🗨It is no secret that Donald Trump initiated Operation WARPSPEED which is cloaked in systematic covert military organisation & secrecy despite the fact with live in peace time. What DO we know?

VIDEO:Witney Webb 👇🏽Important/Watch https://twitter.com/_whitneywebb/status/1323040678914498566
◾️Operation WARPSPEED is a military operation not greatly represented or supported by any health alliance or coalition.
◾️Six vaccine candidates are to be targeted at critical populations, not just one vaccine maker.
◾️Palantir is collaborating with military to deliver Op WS.
🔺Palantir’s only client for most of its history was the CIA.
🔺Palantir is a major contractor to all 17 military/security agencies.
🔺Is partnered to HSS where all Covid data is stored.

👁‍🗨are partnered to OP WS & have longstanding ties to excessive pharmaco vigilance, inc with precise tracking systems.

👁‍🗨Glaxo-Smith Klein are in partnership & they have pioneered bio-electronic tech to be used in the cutting edge vaccine delivery system used.
🆘Profusa is the name of the the bio tech & the FDA is set to approve it in January despite it being unlicensed & untested.
See also PRISM & the Sentinel Initiative (Janet Woodcock) for more detail.
Operation WARPSPEED is a public private contract involving military, intelligence contractors & Federal Security agencies. Public access to details of operations are not permitted/available. Google/Oracle are involved in providing surveillance.
Unprecedented data harvesting has occurred since 911 under the guise of protection from terrorist groups & Covid extends this model of intrusion.
WARPSPEED will be a multi-regime operation. Most vaccines are cold stored for safety but these vaccines will need to be stored in sub-zero facilities. Any compromise increases the risk of adverse reactions.
Silicon valley’s Microsoft, Google & Amazon are all major defence contractors involved in WARPSPEED. Obviously You Tube censorship is a bonus for all Silicon Valley collaborators.
Caddick overseas Preparation & Response as Secretary. He created foundational legislation on this subject. Let’s look at EBS 👇🏽
Emergent BioSolutions Inc. is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland & was founded by Fuad-El Hibri.
👁‍🗨EBS 👇🏽
•dev vaccines & antibody therapeutics
•infectious disease
•opioid OD
•biodefense devices
The controversy Caddick & EBS will not live down involved using soldiers as unknowing experiments in vax test cases for vax programmes. Soldiers were used in covert mandatory vaccination. This stuff gets covered up by thousands of soldiers suffered.

❌ http://mbvic.blogspot.com/2007/05/?m=0 
It is standard practice to test vaccines for 10 years. Speed gives these alliances a free card to go relatively unchecked. None of the testing for Covid vaccines is being done with the target group-elderly. Only fit, young volunteers who have already had severe adverse reactions.
Another disturbing fact is that the placebo normally used in vaccine testing is true saline, here they are using other vaccines with many recorded side effects. Parameters of testing have been hidden from the public.
No liability for damage lays on the heads of those involved even though there are extensive histories of damage & even death.
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