The Philosophers Stone, The Holy Grail, Food of the Gods, Manna, Elixir of the Gods, Ambrosia of the Gods, The Fountain of Youth, and the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge. What was it really?
Well, funny enough, there are Three answers to this question. One white, and two red. Confused yet? Good, that’s right where I want you. Let’s tackle White first.
Manna, Food of the Gods, Ambrosia. All described as a white substance. Some in solid form, others in liquid form. Described many times in the Bible, Manna is a real substance, created from gold.
Also known as mono-filament gold, or OROMUS gold, it appears as a white powder, but usually applied in a liquid solution, is said to have regenerative capabilities. There are many ways to create it, but perhaps the most interesting theory is that this was the function of the Ark.
In “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark” Laurence Gardner lays out a VERY compelling argument that the Ark is an electrical gatherer and capacitor. From the special clothing that the Priests handing the Ark had to wear, to its actual construction, it all points to an electric nature.
In HUGE capacity. Think of the end of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The island sequence with the electrical charge jumping between the Nazis? Yeah… that.
So, we have solved and addressed the White. But what about the Red? Oh, my yes, what about the Red….
Let’s look at the term Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge a little closer, shall we? Generally speaking, knowledge is rarely a bad thing. Lack of wisdom in using it is bad, but the knowledge itself isn’t. Usually.
But what Knowledge is bad? What Knowledge would give the understanding between good and evil? Perhaps four of the absolutely forbidden topics? Child Torture, harvesting of Adrenochrome, and Killing, and then cannibalism.
You think the Knowledge of those subjects qualifies as Evil? I sure do. This practice goes all the way back to at least Nimrod, if not earlier. I think the Allegory in the Bible is letting us know that this knowledge goes back to the beginning.
Now through all of this, I want you to keep the color red firmly in mind. There is a reason. The Philosophers Stone, said to be Red, the Holy Grail, said to have contained the Blood of Christ, again Red.
Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge, again, depicted traditionally as a pomegranate, but also modernly as an apple. Both Red.
Why this focus on Red for this particular portion of it? We will get to it. Let’s examine the properties that this “item” was said to possess.
First, longevity. This was supposed to add decades to a person’s lifespan. Maybe even centuries. Can you imagine? The draw of that, especially from the viewpoint of the elite. More time to establish their legacy.
Second, youthfulness. AKA the Fountain of Youth. It’s not a fountain stuck out in the middle of the Amazon jungle. It’s a source of youth.
Third, alacrity and swiftness of thought. This heads back to youthfulness, the ability to think quickly, fully, and without error. I know as I’m aging, I fight this more and more as time marches on. The allure of reversing that alone is tempting for someone like me.
Are these descriptions ringing any bells for any of you? Perhaps of a substance that has been forefront in our consciousness ever since Q started dropping?
Yep, Adrenochrome. Red, life extender, youth giver, and thought clearer. Drug of choice of the elite and the famous. The real Fountain of Youth. That can be read two ways too, the Fountain as its harvested, and as the Metaphorical fountain that you bathe in.
Consider what I just said carefully and match it to what we know of the Luciferian practices. They literally drink and bathe in it at ceremonies. I’m sidestepping the harvesting practices, as that is well known and I don’t need to cover it here again.
Let’s look at famous “Alchemists” and their relations to known societies and institutions. Please take the time to go read these. Some names you might recognize from other areas and conspiracies… with good reason.
Fourth, Nicolas Flammel. Yes, he’s a real alchemist, not just a made up for Harry Potter character.
Now the philosophers stone is supposedly made with or from mercury. Now one of the little-known things about mercury is that there is a solid version of it, called cinnabar. Remind you of anything?
Let’s tie in another small dig I touched on in my Natural Law thread, Vampires. What are the attributes that drinking blood gives them? Youthfulness, power, and long lifespan. Hmmm. Sound familiar?
We recently had Prince Charles bragging about being related to the guy who Bram Stoker modeled Dracul after, Vlad the Impaler, who is rumored to have drunk the blood of his enemies terrified babies. Gee, sound familiar?
Now we all highly suspect Prince Charles and his “taste”, let alone of the whole Royal Family proper, but to just come out and basically brag about it? Yeah, he’s not that smart, is he? Too much inbreeding in the Hanoverian line, I think.
Leading us into traditional depictions of vampires. No, not Twilight. Think Underworld, Interview with a Vampire, Blade, and so many others. Heck, even Van Helsing, the one with Jackman and Beckinsale.
Daylight Damages them, Lupus. They have to keep drinking, hemochromatosis. Normal food becomes unpalatable (Shown in Underworld 2), Perpetual Youth. Strength. Beauty. Long Life.
Yes, it’s been there right in front of us this whole time. ALL of it.
Ok back to the Philosophers stone. Now there is some symbolism behind it as well. Funny enough this symbolism was also recently resurrected in a best-selling and showing series, Harry Potter.
The Deathly Hallows, made up of the Cloak of Invisibility, the Resurrection Stone, and the Elder Wand. Let’s deal with them individually.
The Cloak of Invisibility, we all know how it works, but symbolically what does it mean? How about hiding in plain sight? Being able to move through society without being noticed or seen. Think that applies at all? Just wait…
The Resurrection Stone. Written to mean resurrecting someone else, but also could be seen as granting extended lifespan.
And lastly, the Elder Wand. Whoever possesses it has great power. Again, not that hard to extrapolate that one out.
So, let’s look at the symbology of the Hallows….
And then the Alchemical Symbol for the Philosophers Stone.
Any doubts as to the meaning that Rowling was putting behind those objects now? I didn’t think so.
Let’s also take another side dive. Large red stone signet rings. Suliamani’s death brought them into focus, and many Anons, including some of my dig pals, hit it hard. It turns out there are MANY people that wear these, and they all seem to be the usual suspects.
Think there might be symbolism in ANY of the large red gems found in jewelry, and say crowns? Vlad the Impaler and Queen Elizabeth….
Ok moving on, The Holy Grail. Sang Real. The idea of the Sang Real was popularized in the 1980s by a book called the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.
And finally, it was brought to massive awareness through Dan Browns “DaVinci Code”, where the idea of a bloodline of Christ is the central plotline.
The basic premise is that Christ and Mary Magdalene were actually intimate, and had children. Mary being pregnant before the Crucifixion, and or Christ and Mary running away to Southern France after he rose from the dead.
It is much more in-depth than that, I really recommend you read one or all of the books involved, as it is a compelling argument. Lost Books of the Bible etc.
Another thing occurred to me while thinking about this. Let’s assume the Christ lineage represents a color, say red. We know that the Satanic lineage is represented by blue, aka Blue Bloods.
What do you get when you blend blue and red? Royal purple. Is this why purple was so sacred to royalty? Showing that they had both bloodlines and then the decree to rule from BOTH sides?
Even Jesus’ story has him being the focus of two bloodlines. United in one Messiah/Christ. Christ is a title by the way. So many things were titles, and not actual names.
I hope I’ve been able to show you the path that these three mythical, but not so mythical, objects have taken through time, and how they have been in front of us in modern times via books, TV, movies, music and more.
Manna good, Fountain of Youth, baaaadddd….. mmkay? Holy Grail, not as it seems.
As always, I hope you enjoyed reading. Follow up and check out my pinned tweet for more digs. I will follow back ALL Patriots. Also, this time I am pimping my new YT channel that doesn’t have anything on it. Yet….
Also, this long interview and overview I just finished up with Quite Voice ties in directly with this thread. Some info will be rehashed slightly, but they tie together like bread and butter....
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