There's a bizarre line of thinking among certain segments of the Internet right that making things worse for people and closing off electoral politics will somehow magically wake them up and lead to revolution. You dont need to look far back to see that this isn't the case.
Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia have all veered far to the left in recent decades, making life worse for normal people. There is no threat of the newly awakened masses toppling these governments. Giving the enemy uncontested institutional power over you is not a great idea
Look at California—America's red stronghold turned into a basketcase one party state without a shot fired. I think the people who maintain these positions are too optimistic. Sometimes getting crushed really means you just get crushed.
When people say "no political solution" they are generally not thinking creatively enough. It's easy to retreat into heroic fantasy. The situation on the ground is much more grim. Losing now means losing for decades, maybe forever. Please vote. It really is important.
No love for r/democracy and don't think the current situation will last forever, but great change only really benefits us if we're poised to capitalize on it. You are not going to be in a good position to make sure change is positive if you're locked out of institutional power.
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