This #SundayMorning before #Election2020 , I'm documenting 101 reasons Trump is unfit for the presidency.

Keeping this to 101 was difficult. The ways Trump has assaulted our democracy is a cup constantly overflowing no matter how often we're forced to drink from it.
(2) The US reputation around the world is in shambles.
Trump has...

-Leaked classified info to Russia
-Ignored a bounty placed on American soldiers
-Engaged in an extortion scheme in Ukraine
-Granted clearances to security risks (Kushner)
-Abandoned our Kurdish allies
(3) Least we forget, Trump has also...

-Sent "love" letters to a murderous dictator
-Shoved the prime minister of Montenegro
-Hung up on the Australian prime minister
-Withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal
-Started trade wars with China that damaged the US economy
(4) The Trump administration has damaged democratic norms beyond recognition. Trump has...

-Used the US AG as his personal attorney
-Encouraged Barr to interfere on his behalf in DOJ investigations
-Pardoned Roger Stone
-Packed the Supreme Court
(5) Trump has committed acts of authoritarianism by...

-Threatening to jail political opponents
-Removing civil service protections
-Firing whistleblowers (Atkinson, Vindman)
-Obstructing justice by firing Comey & McCabe
-Gassing protesters for his Lafayette Park photo op.
(6) The Trump administration's acts of cruelty towards asylum seekers are too numerous to count & include...

-Child separation
-Orphaning 545 children
-Muslim travel ban & firing Sally Yates
-Ending protected status of 59,000 Haitian refugees
-Tear gassing refugees at the border
(8) Trump is also well known for his less than subtle support of white supremacy. During the presidency he has...

-Insisted white supremacists were "very fine people"
-Refused to condemn white supremacy
-Called places like Haiti "shithole" countries
-Retweeted anti-Islam videos
(9) While he didn't always say the quiet part out loud, some of Trump's actions seemed to have obvious racist underpinnings such as...
-Abandoning Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
-Encouraging police to "rough up" suspects
-Bragging he ordered extrajudicial killings
(10) Trump has done more than any other president to undermine the free press, including...

-Attacking press outlets like CNN & encouraging violence against them
-Revoking press passes for journalists who challenge him
-Banning TikTok
-Using the press to launder his 22,000 lies
(11) Despite the pressing urgency of our climate crisis, Trump has done his best to further damage the environment including...
-Shrinking national parks
-Withdrawing from the Paris Accord
-Approving the Keystone Pipeline
-Rolling back clean air standards
(14) Trump has also sought to enrich himself and his family personally at the expense of taxpayers by...

-Refusing to divest from his businesses
-Making family members advisors
-Doubling fees at his resorts
-Multiple violations of the emoluments clause among his administration
(15) And when it comes to Trump's financial gain, it's the American people that are paying the price. Trump has...

-Cut corporate taxes to the lowest rate since 1939
-Presided over the longest government shutdown in US history
-Create the highest national debt since World War II
(16) Perhaps the worst of Trump's crimes though are NOT economic but related to the human cost of this pandemic. He has...

-Undermined COVID-19 testing initiatives
-Instructed the CDC to "slow down" testing
-Muzzled trusted scientists like Dr. Fauci
-Blamed China for US deaths
(17) The 236K and counting deaths from coronavirus in this country can be directly attributed to Trump's administration, including...

-Eliminating the early warning pandemic program
-Refusing to contact trace after outbreaks at the White House
-Undermining the efficacy of masks
(18) Trump has also...

-Held super spreader rallies in multiple states across the country
-Attempted to invalidate and undermine the ACA during the middle of a pandemic
-Endangered his own Secret Service agents
(19) Trump has also undermined science throughout his presidency, soft-peddling conspiracy theories such as...

-Debunked claims that vaccines cause autism
-QAnon theories about China creating coronavirus in a laboratory
-Bizarre wildlife management tactics about raking forests
(20) God I wish that was all. Isn't that enough? But there's more. So much more. Trump has...

-Presided over skyrocketing unemployment rates
-Attacked American companies like Goodyear and Amazon over personal vendettas
-Refused to release his own taxes
(21) And there's a whole host of things from the early days that we've likely forgotten in the landslide of corruption over the past four years. What about...

-Stormy Daniels hush-money
-When he tried to get the NPS to issue doctored photos of his inauguration "crowd size"
(23) And aren't you tired of the lying? The blatant outpouring of lies that cascades from the man's mouth every time he opens it. He's...

-Lied about voter fraud
-Likely falsified his own medical records
-Committed obstruction of justice
-Sharpiegate.... that one was just stupid
(24) Then there's the bizarre stuff that proves Trump is a foolish, potentially cognitively compromised person.
Stuff like...

-Buying Greenland
-His weird obsession with toilet flushing
-Windmill cancer
-Injecting bleach
-Kissing his supporters to prove he's immune to COVID
(26) This is a long list so bear with me...

-Cohen (lying to Congress, paying hush money)
-Flynn (lying to the FBI)
-Gates (conspiracy against the US, lying to investigators)
-George Nader (child pornography)
-George Papadopoulos (lying to the FBI) 
(27) And last but not least, here's the latest of Trump's offenses...

-Pushing unproven and dangerous coronavirus drugs
-Undermining the USPS
-Spreading lies about voter fraud
-Telling the proud boys to stand by
-Encouraging violence against Biden's campaign
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