A Trump supporter posted a video of their pickup truck dangerously close and harassing Joe Biden’s campaign bus on a Texas Highway with the tag #OperationBlockTheBus
I’m being told this is a Toyota Tundra. The back passenger window matches.

Meet Hannah and Randi Ceh of New Braunfels, Texas. Hannah posted this video of her family driving dangerously close to the Biden bus on Instagram. Her dad owns the Toyota Tundra in the video.
🎥: Second Video

Randi Ceh posted a different video of her vehicle driving dangerously close to the Biden bus. You can see the window of the pickup truck roll down and someone later yells, “jackass.”
Facebook conversation from the “Trump Train” group in New Braunsfels group plotting to converge on the bus carrying Kamala Harris.

One says “don’t these people have jobs in the daytime like us working class Trumpers.”
Donald Trump Jr. amplified the videos of Trump supporters harassing the campaign bus with Kamala Harris on board.

Hannah Ceh was thrilled and posted, “ya’ll, our Trump Train made it to Donald Trump Jr.’s Insta story.”

She also celebrated when Trump praised the group’s actions.
Meet Andrea Guerra. Andrea also posted pictures following Kamala Harris’ campaign bus with the caption, “Kamala gets a hearty welcome. 😁
Here is a post where Randi Ceh claims the Black truck that sideswiped the white car is part of their Trump Train gang. Randi is justifying her gang hitting the vehicle.
Here’s a pic of Hannah Ceh under a “New Braunfels Trump Train” sign.
Randi Ceh appears to have deleted one of her more incriminating Trump Train bus harassment video.
In case you missed it, here is what happened.
Video: Donald Trump Jr. inspired Trump followers to form a “Trump Train” to “give Kamala Harris a nice Trump Train welcome.” He told them “to have a good time.” Donald Trump Jr. helped inspire this terrorism.
Randi Ceh, one of the leaders of the “New Braunfels Trump Train” thugs is Qanon.
Randi Ceh downplays #COVID-19 and is anti-mask.
Meet Eliazar Cisneros. Eliazar was the driver who hit a vehicle escorting the Biden/Harris campaign bus with his black truck on a Texas Highway.

Eliazar posted that he served tires to the Biden/Harris campaign.
On Facebook, Eliazar Cisneros posted that it was his truck “right behind the bus at the end” of this video.
Here is that video posted by Norma Inojosa, who joined the Trump Train briefly. Notice the black truck “right behind the bus at the end” of the video. Eliazar posted that this is his truck.
Notice how closely Eliazar Cisneros was driving behind the Biden/Harris bus. This is the same truck that sideswiped the white vehicle a few times.
Eliazar Cisneros posted pics of his black truck as part of the Trump train group back in September.

This is the same truck that hit the white vehicle and tailgated and terrorized the Biden/Harris bus.
Eliazar Cisneros posted a picture of his black truck in front of a house.
This isn’t the first time Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros used his truck to terrorize. Eliazar also drove his truck into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in September.
The driver of that video is Eliazar Cisneros. The plates in the video match the plates on the pictures Eliazar posted of his Truck to Facebook.
At some point in September, Eliazar Cisneros added the red, white, and blue flag holder hitch to his truck.
On Facebook, Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros liked an “All Lives Splatter” post that glorified running over protesters. “Keep your ass out of the road” the post read along with a picture of a vehicle running over protesters.
Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros (shown here with his hand down a costumed Homer Simpson’s underwear) who sideswiped a car escorting the Biden/Harris campaign bus, once posted a picture of a gun purchase he described as “an Antifa Meat Tendorizer.”
When he’s not using his truck for violence against protesters and the Biden/Harris campaign, Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros enjoys self-wedgies (this guy loves his underwear). He also likes comparing climate activist Greta Thunberg to Hitler.
Violent Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros posted this picture with Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw. Eliazar was so proud that he made it his Facebook avi.
🎥: Newly discovered video shows Eliazar Cisneros wearing a red Trump hat and waiting in ambush on the side of Interatate 35 in Texas. Eliazar laughs maniacally during the video as the Biden/Harris bus passes by and then says, “Welcome to Texas” before jumping in his truck.
Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros likes to donate food to cops which he calls “leverage.”

Looks like Eliazar expects unjust favors in return when he served the San Antonio Police Department back in July.
Many are asking where were the cops? Where was the Texas highway patrol during the Biden/Harris bus intimidation attack?

Turns out, the Texas Department of Public Safety also has catering donated by Trump supporter Eliazar Cisneros, the man who rammed the white car in the video.
Looks like Eliazar Cisneros was able to cash in some of that free BBQ “leverage.” In September, Eliazar was arrested for DWI but spent zero days in jail and had a zero dollar fine.
Remember, Eliazar Cisneros called feeding cops “leverage.” This is how he gets out of jail free. The cops support Eliazar. https://twitter.com/southsidesatx/status/1271910185934770176
Why does Eliazar Cisneros keep get let go? Eliazar boasted about feeding SAPD and giving them “5 beers each” for “leverage.”
Eliazar Cisneros works at FMC Technologies ( @TechnipFMC), a company headquartered in the UK. Eliazar targeted a bus he thought had US Senator Kamala Harris on board and posted it on Facebook. Is FMC Technologies and CEO Doug Pferdehirt ok with that?
FMC Technologies ( @TechnipFMC) states “we value diversity of thought.” Does that include tailgating and harassing a campaign bus like Eliazar Cisneros did?
Members of the Trump Train New Braunfels said the police were riding with the group and that’s why they didn’t respond to the 911 calls.

Hannah Ceh, identified above as a New Braunfels Trump Train thug, posted in the “Trump Train NB” group that she was proud of the group.
Remember video Norma Inojosa posted above? Turns out the video was posted by her husband, a San Antonio police officer who met Trump in 2016.

You know, the same department Eliazar Espinosa likes to give BBQ and “5 beers each” to for “leverage.” He saw this mess and did nothing.
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