FOR F*CK SAKE!!! Trump just picked the wrong goddamn fight trying to blame doctors for “phony” #COVID19 diagnoses and deaths. Here are over 20+ doctors who have **DIED ON THE FRONTLINES** among almost 2000 healthcare workers who have died.

Trump—you can goto hell after we #VOTE
2) In fact more than 1 in 17 hospitalized #COVID19 patients in a national study were health care workers!!!
3) It gets worse, despite being healthcare workers themselves, of these hospitalized #COVID19 HCWs:

📌Approximately 28% of these patients were admitted to an intensive care unit

📌16% required invasive mechanical ventilation

📌4% died
4) meanwhile, Joe Biden listens to scientists and experts. He will do what needs to be done so we can live a healthy normal life again.

That is why we support him.

#ListenToScientists #BidenHarris
5) And Trump was warned about the risk of #COVID19 becoming a pandemic in January.

Yet despite @realDonaldTrump knowing, but he decided to “play it down”. So many have died needlessly.

#Vote   because our lives depend on it.
6) in contrast, look how Taiwan 🇹🇼 conquered #COVID19—202 days zero Covid. Taiwan’s leaders (It has a VP who is a JHU-epidemiologist!) and efforts received wide acclaim for its aggressive & fast & early response. And they didn’t blame or silence doctors!
7) finally... watch this epically emotional video of ICU doctors and nurses struggling with so many #COVID19 deaths. NOT FAKE COVID DEATHS.
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