SOBERING: U.S. reports over 100,000 coronavirus cases in 24 hours for the first time ever. Smashes all time record.

We have basically lost this battle. Not sure if Christmas is even saveable unless we do something drastic fast! 🔥 #COVID19
2) But we can still save ourselves from becoming Belgium, France, and Netherlands. #COVID19
3) And we aren’t sure we can handle the continued increase if hospitals are soon overwhelmed again, like they were in NYC in the spring, or like Wisconsin or El Paso is currently. This is not going well at all. #COVID19
4) hospitalizations rising fast. Approaching spring and summer peaks soon. And this graph is 3 days old.
5) More sobering thought—Worse yet, unlike in spring when NYC could call for doctors from other states to help in NYC, there’s no longer surplus of doctors to help other states. And no more medical & nursing schools to accelerate graduation in fall. Every state is on their own.
6) and is it just more testing? NO! Why? Because the rise in cases is OUTSTRIPPING the rise in testing volume. Implies the case rise is real growth and not testing inflated.
7) Most sobering—we were warned about the risk of #COVID19 becoming a pandemic in January. Some of us sounded the alarm.

And @realDonaldTrump knew, but he decided to “play it down”. So many have died needlessly.

#Vote   because our lives depend on it.
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