One reason why #Covid19 is spiking in Utah & across the US is climatology. It happens annually this time of year & is entirely predictable behavior similar to other endemic coronaviruses.

See slide at 1:01:30 of @theNASEM seminar from May 28, 2020
This primarily has to do with INDOOR temperature & humidity that affects virus survivability. Watch Dr. Shaman's talk for the full context about where the science is.
This is why epidemiologists were saying we needed to go into the fall with low case counts. They're expected to go up in the fall, so it's better to start from a low level than a high level
Given virus transmission climatology, everybody needs to step up efforts to reduce #Covid19 transmission. Political leaders especially need to take additional action to make sure cases don't grow exponentially out of control. Utah & several states are at grave risk right now
Lots of good suggestions in the seminar. Two Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) anyone can use to reduce #Covid19 transmission is:
1) HEPA air filters
2) Humidifiers

Businesses should be using these wherever possible.
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