Half a £billion. Just in PPE.

AND WE ARE DOING NOTHING https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1321708948391682048
Serco are getting away with a lot? Why? Why are we all so silent on all this? What good will remain or labour do right now? This is what we are normalising https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/28/england-coronavirus-covid-test-and-trace-teenagers?__twitter_impression=true
The job advert. https://twitter.com/IanDunt/status/1319315964597600259?s=19
And it is nothing new https://twitter.com/IanDunt/status/552466573613891585?s=19
"Johnson was unable to shift style from a campaigner to a statesman when the time demanded it...This manipulation of the data can now be seen as the battle to control the political narrative of the crisis, to the benefit of the free market ideology" https://bylinetimes.com/2020/11/03/truth-was-the-first-casualty-of-the-pandemic/
If you are not following or subscribed to @BylineTimes by now - you are missing out
"“Legislators must not also be lobbyists,” said a spokesperson for the campaign group Transparency International." Why are we not all making this louder? How is relying on labour, social media or the EU, working out for resolving all these problems? https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/04/tory-linked-firm-involved-in-testing-failure-awarded-new-347m-covid-contract?__twitter_impression=true
This story is so sad. https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1324618705721085952?s=19
This is the power adminsitration we leave the next generation. We seemed to think its ok, unless they bother to read your angry tweets https://twitter.com/GeorgeWParker/status/1324841250651099137?s=19
Looks like a lot of tenders were given out with no advertising https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1325515796240625670?s=19
"The government has failed to publish any information about £4bn of Covid-related contracts awarded to private companies, in what appears to be a continuing breach of UK law." https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/09/uk-government-fails-to-publish-details-of-4bn-covid-contracts-with-private-firms?__twitter_impression=true
Quite a disgraceful amount of profit for incompetency. Courtesy of Private Eye issue 1534
Actual well spent money from the gov. First positive tweet in a thread full of corruption over public spending on corona https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1325770594047102976?s=19
Voters of the UK - We really cannot normalise how corona was handled. See the damage normalising sub contracting does - do not make that worse. We need to be opposing this. Write to your MP. Talk about it so everyone knows https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1326074203162996737?s=19
Seems unpaid job roles are more lucrative than the words would appear. We need to investigate how corona was handled. This should not be a polarised issue https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1326081693258756097?s=19
Quite sickening that local councils were not the ones invested in to get on top of track and tracing. Even after results proved why they should have been https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1326088128331968512?s=19
There is no transparency. Prof Deeks from Birm. Uni, member of a working group of the RSS which is looking at coronavirus tests, said they were not ready for this type of use. "ATM, if you were bought this test, you would not be using it for this purpose,” https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/02/doubts-over-rapid-turnaround-covid-tests-pledged-by-johnson?__twitter_impression=true
Last sentence shows why how power manage us matters. No matter what excuse you have for ignoring all this - the EU, Biden, nor Labour are going to stop all this. Its down to us. The professionals did their bit. Its up to us how we respond https://twitter.com/rowlsmanthorpe/status/1326101023916756992?s=19
Why aren't people asking this of them? Why not the press too? Why do the @BBCNews @SkyNews not cover all this? Where is the gain not exposing this danger?

I mean look at this thread of two weeks of information on the damage and debt of this corruption. https://twitter.com/ianmakgill/status/1326122784070791168?s=19
This is huge. An interactive map showing the tory contacts and their contracts. We should be talking how to oppose all this https://sophieehill.shinyapps.io/my-little-crony/
Dido Harding had a shocking day explaining herself today. Knocked for six https://twitter.com/DawnButlerBrent/status/1326189523039084544?s=19
This should be the conversation us grass roots in the UK should be discussing. Make this the topic to debate. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1326221293151277056?s=19
Starmer at PMQ's asking about all this. Imo it feels like a spoof where david beckham is asking questions of the old posh git from the fast show. But at least he is speaking out https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1326504227615760386?s=19
Glad they kicked the farage out of party politics with brexit ffs. The only active voters in all this have been anti lockdown protests. We are all responsible for the UK. Blame does not help https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1326299385811128321?s=19
Glad to see that ideology is in all the places we found brexit ideology 🤔 the libertarians of america lobbying for this of course again being a mere coincidence. https://twitter.com/EmmandJDeSouza/status/1326491720201146369?s=19
The day this happened, no 10 decided to leak jeremy kyle gossip to the press. Which conversation should we really be having today though? https://twitter.com/Bill_Esterson/status/1326497447892426752?s=19
Yup all the same alt right ilk saying the same things about corona. Wonder why? Surely it has nothing to do with all the money american libertarians are throwing into lobbying for their greed? https://twitter.com/RussInCheshire/status/1326644526669312001?s=19
Johnson justifying the amount of money spent on PR to do with anti vaxers. The only protests to his corona management have been of that ilk. And look how much that network love all the controversy on it.

Are Tory voters of 2019 happy about all this? https://twitter.com/ElMystico/status/1326506493378748419?s=19
The alt right network need competition. They are so dangerous and will keep using things to radicalise mindsets to only trust them. We need to talk how to oppose all this, proactively https://twitter.com/peterjukes/status/1326839164172701697?s=19
This is what Cummings and Co are distracting us from. Don't be conned by them. Thia debt they are passing onto my kids is not about keeping people in jobs. Who leaves this to the next generation to resolve? And how can immigration bother you more than this?
Note to Self: The BBC covered the John Lewis christmas advert. Still no word on ANY of this thread. Why?
Right, well, Piers Morgan made the thread. Not sure how but it felt a good point. I blame the guv'nor (🍷) https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/1327583179805503488?s=19
Still the only protests from the UK about corona are anti lockdown ones. I feel so ashamed of myself. Hope others do too https://twitter.com/Urban_Pictures/status/1327614072658014208?s=19
We should all be the Good Law Project right now. Every single tax payer. This is what working in our best interest looks like. This should be what unites us and ends the polarisation https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1327552884385472513?s=19
The link with corona misinformation and the ultra brexit figures is pretty clear. It is the balkanised alt right libertarian network in full operation https://twitter.com/peterjukes/status/1327774938737020928?s=19
The PPE they spent this much money on with a small conpany failed safety tests. The EU are helping us resolve all this, us people are. Grass Roots lets start making some civilised noise https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1327898298510958592?s=19
Internal Inquiry. Come on UK, surely we are not all going to allow this? https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1328011223900819466?s=19
The way corona has not been handled is a huge moment for the UK. We either unite and end polarisation for the greater good of the UK over it, or we let the chaos win and appease all of this. Grimes seems less interested in corruption but lets use it https://twitter.com/darrengrimes_/status/1327998607409238018?s=19
And when we all know what has been going on - cue the agreement in voter https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1328389285096124416?s=19
The public have got a right to know, and to know why brexit ideology has any place in a global pandemic. Makes me want to find an article from back then talking the response team. But another great piece https://twitter.com/WritesBright/status/1328459258711728131?s=19
Here is the article i was thinking of from earlier this year. Took the telegraph stance on it. Still need to keep brexit out of it, for now. It has a pin in it BUT .... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/06/13/boris-johnson-scrapped-cabinet-pandemic-committee-six-months/
This https://twitter.com/David39133380/status/1328580913488388102?s=19
We really should all be in some sort of agreement by now over all this https://twitter.com/PrivateEyeNews/status/1329006179280969728?s=19
Britain we really should expect better. https://twitter.com/PeterKGeoghegan/status/1328996400449908737?s=19
The alt right of 2020 https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1329293397895622663?s=19
Another good thread to summarise the scandal. Power here saw oppurtunity in the global pandemic more than they thought of governing us to keep us safe. If this gov were a SLT in a school they would be in prison. https://twitter.com/MarinaNigrelli/status/1329136713218854912?s=19
Really hope @UKLabour stick with all this. https://twitter.com/Byline_Media/status/1329293447015112710?s=19
We can see how corrupt things are. We have knowledge of significant wrongdoing, so no need to be radical, but what are we going to do with all this information? How will we seek transparency and deliver accountability? https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1329038573685895168?s=19
Had to be done ... https://twitter.com/Coldwar_Steve/status/1329009235108229121?s=19
The BBC make a lot of effort to ensure noone trusts them. Wonder who that benefits 🤔 https://twitter.com/GeorgeMonbiot/status/1329326737516326919?s=19
Was theresa may's drugs minister not married to a person who owned legal cannabis farms? My memory may be a bit off. https://twitter.com/politicshome/status/1329184893952253956?s=19
Introducing @ByDonkeys into the thread. https://twitter.com/ByDonkeys/status/1329340098115227648?s=19
I want a public inquiry into all this as well. Who the hell doesn't? #CronyVirus #Chumocracy
Organisation is key. Grass roots take note https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1329410412551548928?s=19
Gov borrowed £20billion in october alone in the name of corona.

£22.3 billion borrowed in October.

Takes 11 years to count to 1 billion.

UK - look at how they are spending this money. Why are we not demanding more?
The care homes 😪 https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1329524849987948544?s=19
Our press are filth. Who buys the express other than the brainwashed? https://twitter.com/PaulbernalUK/status/1329706594704175104?s=19
The tories are good for the economy they say. Noone can tell me why though. Stop the spending of more debt until things are investigated. This is fraud. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1329675942562832384?s=19
So in a grimy nutshell - another tory invested in companies registered in the cayman islands getting public money. I get the vaccine is good. Just a lot of debt is being made for the tax payer to make those who don't even pay tax back here richer. Again. https://twitter.com/communicipalist/status/1329736698943713280?s=19
So there is no end to what serco are rewarded and given responsibility for. We are normalising all this. Why? Why are we not objecting?

Who voted for serco you great big lovers of democracy? Is this how we are kicking the establishment ffs https://twitter.com/peterjukes/status/1329794589096632320?s=19
Think this article speaks for so many of us personally. And how we feel reading it all. The tories take us all for mugs https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1329882204432986112?s=19
As always balancing out all the corruption and incompetence with the more positive news 😂 1 in 100 tweets i think https://twitter.com/charliehtweets/status/1329804162603880462?s=19
Labour need to keep their focus https://twitter.com/Shamils18/status/1329797416699236363?s=19
Not sure why we are leaving it solely down to the good law project to chase accountability. Least we can do is amplify the message https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1330404005969858568?s=19
Guess who is paying for all this incompetence? How can paying small amounts to the vulnerable be unacceptable but not all these billions paid out to their 'friends'. Would social mobility for the UK not be a better investment than how corona was managed? https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1330279037055459337?s=19
Byline are reporting the actual news. Again. And addressing the balance of information available online Social media is a big part of this problem - Just read this article and if it bothers you. I don't want it all normalised. Apathy does that though https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1330449124462891008?s=19
So two things to note. Gutted oliver bonas is involved but other jumpers are available AND wtaf with all the nepotism. Chumocracy needs adding to the oxford dictionary. Next to all the other c words. Kents https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1330387017230917633?s=19
How are the tax payers alliance even still around? Epic failure of us all https://twitter.com/MrHarryCole/status/1330445086291845120?s=19
Just felt it had to be added https://twitter.com/JoMichaels17/status/1330525971225698310?s=19
The article is behind a paywall but the first paragrapgs tell you all you need to know about our chumocracy and the cronyvirus. How anyone has profited from how badly we have handled things should alarm anyone. But this .. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1330387429900029958?s=19
@UKLabour please sink in your teeth and put your focus on all this https://twitter.com/BylineTV/status/1328758507739426816?s=19
You shouldn't laugh BUT.... https://twitter.com/Femi_Sorry/status/1330818307713363969?s=19
The fact the daily mail still make money shows how cancel culture fails https://twitter.com/NeilDotObrien/status/1330830796966518785?s=19
Byline still plugging away. The rest of us should justify our silence imo. Feels a bit too complicit https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1330847945600741380?s=19
The excel incompetence was before i started to organise threads of topics. Which have been good for keeping focus. Great thread https://twitter.com/fetzert/status/1331139902965227520?s=19
The Good Law Project are fighting for transparency. Feels a bit of an end to such tribal politics. Focusing on corruption we all care about. Really cannot see how any UK voter is not fully behind this https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331252492974362626?s=19
The PPE scandal has not been resolved voters. Brexit being awful won't help either. Corbyn not doing much on it too. Focus grass root opposition, focus https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331482169986994176?s=19
And £10.5 billion awarded in contracts with no competition. From the National Audit Office. This is just such a huge scandal https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1331387410622590976?s=19
The tories putting it on the SNP over cronyvirus. @UKLabour that is a clear failure on your behalf to do your job as opposition. Imagine letting them be this bold with their corruption. There is even a petition for devolved powers to be investigated ffs https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331489315793330177?s=19
There may be a reason why conspirscies are rife. Transparency and trust with power matter. Lol to all the tin foils crying about bill gates. https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1331738570059636743?s=19
Byline... as ever https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1331631377121488897?s=19
Is it just me or does the focus on lockdown and not on the mismanagrment and corruption make it very easy to spot actors within the american far right lobbyists? Why have we opened the door to them here? (Answer: Brexit - which is why it is a con) https://twitter.com/snigskitchen/status/1331589896125943813?s=19
All this debt. https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1331580903894683648?s=19
And here is where some of those billions went ..... maybe they ran out of toilet paper and had to use our money instead https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331608908063006720?s=19
We should all at least agree that our economy should be managed better as should how we handled the global.pandemic.

Question is UK voters, now we agree - what will we do with it to make a difference? https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331520512812527619?s=19
And yet again another huge contract handed out to help us deal with a global pandemic to a mate with no experience. And yet people moan lockdown is killing the economy. Imagine if we didn't normalise all this https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1331860897489358848?s=19
It's us who will pay this all back. This thread here shows why we should be doing more than twitter moaning https://twitter.com/SamCoatesSky/status/1331684400581455873?s=19
@WritesBright @BylineTimes have offered us all some transparency, which, as confirmed by the NAO, exposes the corruption in the circus managing the global pandemic and why we are doing so badly. We need to respond to this. Not normalise it https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1332057167013294080?s=19
In all this some people are more outraged by other things. The kick to the establishment seems to have gone awol
A great thread to read, in what i would say talks the real issues with social mobility here, and i mean the article says it all. This should be trending still. We cannot normalise this. Makes us part of the problem. As a mum i want my kids to have more. https://twitter.com/GeorgeMonbiot/status/1332717550761877505?s=19
See the argument defending the gov here really would begin resolving the extreme lack of logic. The domino effect of delivering accountability on all this really can be as big as we want it to be in the UK. If we, Englands subjects, took control of it https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1332685459684814848?s=19
Why don't we start ignoring these libertarians? Even just give it a go https://twitter.com/peterjukes/status/1332647214896844800?s=19
What are we going to do about it? https://twitter.com/Gabriel_Pogrund/status/1332976467165241345?s=19
Staggering what the British voter is apathetic about https://twitter.com/WritesBright/status/1333014657947283456?s=19
We really should keep at them until they explain. We are normalising a huge amount of nepotism and allowing them to avoid accountability. In a democracy it is the voters who bring that. Shame on anyone happy to allow 4 more years of this https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1333699699572936704?s=19
Transparency in power matters. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1333715525831159809?s=19
Behind a paywall but tbf the first two paragraphs said enough https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1332985137932460036?s=19
The tories think we are all fools https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1333869823173009411?s=19
Cheltenham shows you invest in the tories if wanting a voice in our democracy.
Don't let Brexit distract us from delivering accountability https://twitter.com/katylindemann/status/1271425702202671111?s=19
Safeguarding matters https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1334174561315778564?s=19
All eyes on February. We cannot let it go quiet like we did the russian report https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1334457703343669250?s=19
Great thread https://twitter.com/allthecitizens/status/1334071100838383616?s=19
Not sure how vaccines make people more cynical than the test and tracing by the tories. People making money from efficient vaccines is somehow worse than the gov robbing the tax payer to run incompetent over priced contracts. Priorities people https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1334768359427149825?s=19
The alt right are a solid network. And they are getting more media with the murdoch channel. Makes the need for BylineTimes even more important. We need more balance https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1334846676813697026?s=19
Would someone buy this young MP a drink. This is what representation for the electorate looks like. This is opposition https://twitter.com/DanCardenMP/status/1334234891261784066?s=19
The gov are well out of their depth. https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1335511262114033664?s=19
This leads on rather well. Backs up what Neville said. Instead of fighting the murdoch rhetoric here - we seem to be rewarding it. Go figure. Also shows the pickle Sweden got itself into https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1335469514813829121?s=19
Think most of us are in agreement over all this. Why is nothing being done? https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1335153581570322432?s=19
@ByDonkeys really would be good to see you get involved https://twitter.com/withorpe/status/1335662975278059522?s=19
Why do we accept this? Pretty sure the magna carter meant power had to follow laws. We have gone from Henry VIII to King John pretty fast https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1336580351116840960?s=19
Serious question- what can we do about it? https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1337081991691427840?s=19
Did a whole bit on a thread focusing on misinformation talking all this. The same network are involved as usual. https://twitter.com/Edele_Bear/status/1334086261397708803?s=19
We need to use this to make much needed change to Westminster https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1337656260481703936?s=19
It is behind a paywall and i would not spend a penny on the times but the first few paragraphs are enough https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1338047919769968641?s=19
Happening all over again. This gov have no fear of accountability https://twitter.com/WritesBright/status/1338523457018077188?s=19
Gov sueing headteachers for safe guarding. Let that sink in. School budgets spent on legal battles with gov - over safeguarding and corona.
Gov want LA to face all accountability yet offer them little control.
Shame on the UK https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1338575773859504135?s=19
On a side note - as ever with all this - the press make enemies of good people. If we paid Maths, Science and English teachers like we did bankers the country would excel within 3 decades. In a sustainable way. But no -this is the UK press https://twitter.com/MichaelRosenYes/status/1338245523866853381?s=19
This 👇 https://twitter.com/agoodfireburns/status/1346428536308064257?s=19
As the article says - shopworkers are offered more protection with mask requirements.

This government do not fear accountability - which means we have failed as voters. All of us.

We need to change how we are if wanting change - it is all we can do.

Adding this as not dealing with problems, proactively, has consequences. https://twitter.com/dr_amar_mashru/status/1347974097616175104?s=19
How many middle mun does it take for the tories to do anything and still fudge it up? https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1347861082069749761?s=19
We really ALL should be listening to this as this is the problem.

"Simply put: they’re lying, we know they’re lying and they know that we know they’re lying. 

This little mise en scène we’re all in is very dangerous. Never more so than now."..... https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1348174892097826816?s=19
We really should use this oppurtunity to resolve the flaws in westminster https://twitter.com/PeterKGeoghegan/status/1348256099477106689?s=19
And the petition. That may well be ignored but democracy matters https://twitter.com/mikegalsworthy/status/1347893317187620864?s=19
The tories only care about their own profit. Once again a third party managing the governments pledge, failing to deliver, no accountability for that and they made enough profit from the tax payer to reinvest in the tories. Only news as rashford talks it. https://twitter.com/RoadsideMum/status/1348646428084760576?s=19
The corruption is so brazen ALL us voters should be insulted. IMO most of westminster is, only the alt right are so dense they cannot hide it or do it subtly. Proof this gov is the most incompetent in history alone. https://twitter.com/JohnDalton6011/status/1348551261176680448?s=19
We should not be normalising what the tories are doing. The manipulation of the press is not healthy for a democracy - was it not already problematic enough? https://twitter.com/WritesBright/status/1348689101789212672?s=19
Hypernormalisation indeed. And that is on us voters. Voters here need to change their bad habits. Easier to change than westminster and the best way to make a path for actual positive change https://twitter.com/Hardeep_Matharu/status/1348691367510368263?s=19
Corona has really left all this nowhere to hide. We need to act on all this. Not shake our heads in disapproval as it becomes normalised. We need to be proactive https://twitter.com/allthecitizens/status/1348978137372237824?s=19
Going back to schools. The lobbying behind the push to open them with no care of safeguarding teachers, children or their families. They are brazen as most of us choose to be ignorant. https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1353589901120446464?s=19
This is a good thread on it too https://twitter.com/jacksloan/status/1353470078101180420?s=19
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