Misc truck pic/video thread, after all I've been and about trucks since I was a small child. First a beautiful pink(?) Volvo and Pezzaioli trailer https://twitter.com/rml2rpd/status/1321680686546374656?s=19
Fascinating cable transport https://twitter.com/rml2rpd/status/1329022662853734401?s=19
To all the truck haters who want everything to go by #rail #railways how would you get this load to its destination if trucks didn't exist? #hgv #trucking https://twitter.com/DerbyshireRPU/status/1330882276821970948?s=19
Who said #trucks can't be beautiful? Stunning #design #colours #colour #aesthetic #hgv #trucking Pity it has to work and get dirty https://twitter.com/VolvoTrucksUK/status/1333342561851895808?s=19
A good thread about truck driving (reversing) #skill (& how time/planners didn't think about trucks when they designed these access points) https://twitter.com/Cuddysplatter85/status/1334047948326498304?s=19 #trucking #hgv
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