A good starting point for the topic. I was going to tailor it for a certain audience but, best thing to do is just start. Mostly sourced by @CJBowden1 who you should follow. Documents following will include links, PDFs, videos, commentary, etc.
This is the actual document from http://archive.org  sourced by @doomcultgames who confirmed that all copies we have discovered around the web are identical.

This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network. May 2010

Screenshot from @123prometheus for quick reference. https://twitter.com/123prometheus/status/1320451960080879618
Event 201:

Selected moments from the Event 201 pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.
Note exercise precedes current COVID-19 outbreak. In months following, many shocking videos were released from China showing dramatic footage of spontaneous deaths, welding people in buildings, and other extreme fear propaganda as yet unsubstantiated and unobserved in the west.
Regardless of the nature of the release, we have known for some time that this virus is not the deadly pathogen claimed by government.

This shows actual fatality rates from CDC.

0-19 years: 0.00003
20-49 years: 0.0002
50-69 years: 0.005
70+ years: 0.054 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html
This is a UK government document showing that COVID-19 was declared not a high consequence infectious disease just before the lockdowns.

"As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK." https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid
Assuming that the government just didn't notice this and was operating under the presumption that it was a deadly pathogen, the extensive interactions between law enforcement and the population with no biological mitigation strategy at all seemed at odds with that conclusion.
Most of the hysteria in the west was based on numbers coming out of Italy which seemed to show infection/fatality rates much higher than were witnessed in the handful of makeshift/uninteded controlled environments available at the time, namely the cruise ship and naval vessels.
Later revealed that Italian numbers were incorrect. Actual infection/fatality rates were about 10%-15% of what had been reported. This revelation had no effect on policy anywhere. In fact, it was around that time that increased restrictions were imposed, mask mandates introduced.
This CDC report summarizes 70 years of controlled experiments which had already established widely known fact that masks don't work for viruses.

"In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

I should point out that there are a variety of plausible alternative medical interpretations of all of this from exosomes to assertions of its complete fiction. The mysterious disappearance of the flu supports much of that but, I am confining my analyses to conventional science.
Conventional science and logical deductions based on the available evidence at time didn't support the imposition of any of the procedures which governments all over the world seemed to be enacting in identical fashion simultaneously. Only variations of intensity were observable.
From the beginning, Bill Gates appeared to be the global representative of all doctors and all governments everywhere. He was to be your diagnosing physician and already had your prescription prepared. You just had to be informed of details of what you would be required to do.
This appearance on Ellen in April is representative of a host of his suspicious and downright disturbing declarations.
This is the TED Talk from 2015 referred to in the Ellen interview.
Vaccines were put forward almost immediately as the de facto solution to a viral outbreak which was being assumed to never go away. Restrictions were imposed with open-ended undeclared durations hinted to last until the development of the vaccine.
This admittedly experimental technique using an adeno-associated virus related to adenovirus, which caused the immune system to attack organs killing a patient when it was halted in the 2000s, appears to be the "vaccine" which is intended to be administered to 7.8 billion people.
Most small businesses have limited resources and tend to reinvest much of their income. Savings are usually not a tremendous portion of their working capital. It would be unusual for a small business to survive more than a handful of months with no income and lockdowns kill most.
The overall result of all of the corporate consolidation and elimination or attenuation of small businesses is a shrinking of individuals able to survive unassisted and an expansion of corporate interests, directed by government in what is called "public-private" partnerships.
This is where any economist aware of the dangers of planned economies little hairs should start standing up. We are being transformed into a command economy with government effectively banning certain trade and effectively mandating other trade. Not just here, happening globally.
A prime example of this would be the unprecedented banning of "non-essential" goods from store shelves. There are many such examples but that one should strike anyone witnessing it as without explanation. It's been happening the whole time but, people are now beginning to notice.
One absolutely necessary requirement of any planned economy is prevention of free movement. You can't plan distribution of resources if everyone can go where they like. This was the alarm bell convincing me so early on of what was happening and it's why we're still in lockdown.
The most extreme examples being the limited distance for travel being imposed. Law enforcement setting up checkpoints and drones keeping track of vehicles to make sure that people don't travel away from their localities is all to that end. It's not airtight but, it's becoming so.
Enter the "Great Reset." Many of you were aware of this as was I but, I was shocked not so much by the transparency of the propaganda as by the cluelessness of those I assumed were following along. Economic "thought leaders" have been sleeping on the job.

4 years later and this revelation is being treated like some bombshell dropped w/o warning by the very people who are supposed to be on top of this. They understand the folly of the fed, have no equal in terms of economic understanding, yet missed this. https://twitter.com/TIME/status/1319563867345879040

Klaus von Auschwitz is here to save the day!! https://twitter.com/123prometheus/status/1320429914609184769
I can understand how most wouldn't believe this was the face of the Global Totalitarian Corporativist State and instigator of the Great Reset. I can't accept such dismissals by knowledgeable people. This predilection for repudiation of "conspiracy theories" must end right now.
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