What's 4 am Talking Pts?🤡
1) #FAKENEWSMEDIA push of 'by design' narrative [daily updates – 4AM] -17
The 'Red Line' months old 4AM narrative should be updated. Pain coming.-17
Time of publish?[4AM] -17
[4AM]What will tomorrow be?Coordinated-17

It's almost like it's coordinated??😏
WE 👀U 🤡
JFYI 👉 #WeArethenewsnow
I am sure the Church Hearings From The 70's were coincidences too??😏[🤡] #ClownsBeingClowns
👉 #WeAreTheNewsNow
Just In case u needed some docs
#FakeNewsMediaClowns [🤡]👇 https://twitter.com/RedPilledisBACK/status/1263494637722927104
It's just NOT the #FakeNewsMedia #WearethenewsNow
🤡Are Everywhere👇
Are You Awake?
What does A 4 AM Talking Point sound like?😏[🤡]
#InformationWarfare #FakeNewsMedia
OK back to the clowns [🤡] #DarkToLight
While ''ALL'' the #FakeNewsMedia were pushing Russia Russia Russia🤦‍♂️😆

Fmr NSA Chief Binney told us It's was The C_A🤡 all along...
Now, is it just The C_A?? Ummm NO!


I like to call it the 🤡🕷️🕸️

🦉and Where DO these orders comes from #CFR?

I'll END this Thread here...
So What Is Coming For #MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople ?
@POTUS told you...
Does it explain ALL The #Panic ??
T I C K And T O C K ⌛️
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