This subthread is about treatment options and prophylaxis for #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 that do NOT require a prescription from a doctor. Early treatment at EXPOSURE instead of DIAGNOSIS or when you are sick enough to go to the hospital is essential for better outcomes.
So the absolute best prophylaxis against #SARSCoV2 #COVID19? Eating healthy and exercise. Your lymph system is passive. Moving your muscles will move the lymph fluid. You want to get your white blood cells to your lymph nodes for them to function properly.
Exercise every single day if you can. It'll improve your mood, lower your stress, lower your body fat content, and help circulate the white blood cells in your body. Some of those white blood cells need to get inside a lymph node to do their thing properly.
Pretty important to eat well if you can.
Eat well and eat colorful. Anything with reddish color is full of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have a lot of aromatic rings (little hexagonal rings of carbon that likes to accept electrons).

Those rings are great at inhibiting #SARSCoV2 as competitive inhibitors. Can't hurt.
Sorry 😔 if you're vegetarian... This is not a food subthread. But antibodies are made out of protein. You need amino acids. Moreover, the amount of amino acids you have in your body will influence what kind of BCRs (B-cell receptors) your naive B-cells have. So eat protein!
Yeah, this is just pretty. 😇
So... enough food. Let's get to some shit that ACTUALLY works, and without a prescription too.

But to really understand why any of these prophylaxis works, you need to understand the furin-like cleavage site and viral fusion.

It's science.

But that subthread isn't done yet.
So you're going to have to take this on faith for now. But I don't have a choice. Deaths are about to explode right now. There is no time. I need to give people prophylactic options BEFORE the full explanation of the science 🧬.
I also remember that someone debunked this paper.

The debunking was wrong.

The paper was right.

People misinterpreted the paper because they didn't speak Chinese like I do. I could tell what the original Chinese was before the Google Translate.
It turns out that #SARSCoV2 does indeed attack porphyrin metabolism. A researcher doing research on this actually contacted me and pointed me to a paper proving it because I was one of the first people on Twitter to talk about it. I'll link it later.
That paper was actually pretty important because if you look at porphyrin, you can really understand why all these prophylaxis have aromatic rings.
Whatever protein that is binding to porphyrin in #SARSCoV2, all these prophylactic molecules should at least at as competitive inhibitors.

It should at least free up some of the porphyrin and significant reduce the risk of silent hypoxia becoming unrecoverable.
This would be a good time to read up on how #SARSCoV2 attacks red blood cells either directly or indirectly if you haven't already. And it segues nicely to the first prophylaxis I want to talk about: artemisinin. It's what I took to treat myself.
It's what they're using in Madagascar to treat COVID-19 too. The stuff works, but you still gotta take it early just like all treatment options for #SARSCoV2 #COVID19.

Early treatment always equals better outcomes, which is why you use them as prophylaxis.
Vitamin D.
Just we haven't identified the active ingredient, doesn't mean they don't work.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Patients Infected with 2019-New Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): A Review and Perspective 
More food. No, really. Eating healthy is very important. Get protein. Lots of protein. Beans if you're a vegetarian.

Antibodies are made out of protein. But then again... So is the Spike... 😅
Um... I'm going retweet first and read right now. The paper is over 60 pages... 😅
More food! Eat well!
Okay, I definitely need to work on this one tonight. I don't know. Maybe it'll save a few lives and buy me some good karma that I would very much have more of in my life. 👍🏼🍀

I think it's time.

These are not cures. They may not be enough. A lot of it is still in God's hands.
Better than nothing. 😉
So all of these prophylaxes are herbal supplements basically. At least the ones I'm recommending: Quercetin, luteolin, and artemisinin.

Luteolin is a lot more expensive than quercetin, and they're only one OH group apart. Buy the cheaper stuff you know.
I want begin this story with Chinese traditional medicine. Artemisinin is basically a Chinese traditional medicine. These medicines are medicines for a reason. People have been treating themselves for various viral ailments using these things sometimes for hundreds of years.
They work. Just because you haven't isolated the active ingredient or the combination of active ingredients that does the actual inhibition of the virus, it doesn't they inhibition isn't happening.

As long you run a randomized controlled trial, you can get good data.
I mean a little hard to run a random trial because a lot of times, those traditional Chinese medicines are boiled and you drink it as a liquid. And the taste and smell is distinctive, so... Hard to do a randomized trial. But you can still do a non-blind trial.
I mean the placebo effect is not going to fucking reverse lymphocytopenia man. Don't be fucking ridiculous.

Sometimes, positive thinking isn't THAT effective. And negative thinking isn't that detrimental.
Point is. Some of these things will probably work really, really well. Worth taking a look.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Patients Infected with 2019-New Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): A Review and Perspective 
But the theory behind all these prophylaxes is sound. They are all molecules with aromatic rings. The idea is to mimic an amino acid and have that molecule stick itself somewhere that would act as a competitor to inhibit either furin or the Spike protein.
If the molecule will stick itself in just the right place, it might just inhibit the protein's normal function. In the case of furin, we're trying to add a competitive inhibitor to the active site of furin so that it can no longer function properly.
In the case of furin, zinc is a permanent inhibitor. That's why any molecule that is a zinc ionophore (a molecule that likes to carry zinc around) and also has an affinity for furin's active site is good.

Furin inhibition by compounds of copper and zinc 
And molecules with aromatic rings love love love zinc. So a lot of these prophylaxes are zinc ionophores besides doing whatever it is that they do.

Not a bad idea to make sure you don't have a zinc deficiency. A nice multi-vitamin should do the job.
Vitamin D.
Treatment option. 👇🏼 JAK inhibitor.
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