I did say I'd create a thread of this nature since there is much to explore in the realm of entertainment. Here we go!
Horizon Zero Dawn follows Aloy, an outcast of a hunter gather clan in the 31st century. She discovers that she is a clone of a 21st century scientist who created an AI programme to reseed nature and the human race after biofuel consuming robots made by humans destroyed the world.
2) GAIA PRIME is a programme the scientist sacrifices herself to protect from the Faro "Peacekeeper" Robots of the company she is a part of. The programme has sub programmes, with Hades being the sub programme of destroying the biosphere incase the terraforming project fails.
3) This terraforming project is called Project Zero Dawn. The various sub programmes get to work, the Peacekeepers are deactivated with sub programme signals, flora and fauna is recreated, humans are birthed and taught to not repeat their mistakes. They adopt tribalism.
4) All humans in the 31st century are birthed from containers, as is Aloy who is tasked with destroying the Hades sub programme that is freed. It tempts a tech shaman Sylens and leads him to create the Eclipse Cult. The blue wires are for shamans to connect to the machines.
5) The Eclipse Cult corrupts other robots with Hades' destructive "mind virus" that makes them hostile. This corruption has the capacity to kill humans in its vicinity.
6) The Odyssey, a Space Programme​ in the Horizon Zero Dawn Franchise is launched by a coalition of governments (US, India, China and West Europe) to create a space colony ship to leave Earth due to a boiling "climate crisis" (EMPCOE-related).
7) So we have black goo that drives regular robots insane, harms humans and tempts them into ritualistic killings for lurid knowledge and power - all associated with binary thinking. We also have space programs played under the guise of leaving earth due to earth changes.
We have sun cults, black sun cults, AI seeders, behaviour and cultures centered around the worship of technology and the All Mother. The machines dominate the biosphere and all of humanity is cloned to repeat the process of living through a techno-synthetic world.
9) Here we have a beautiful picture of the Sun King of the sun worshippers (Carja) in Horizon Zero Dawn. Note the square and cardinal symbology, including the ornaments and the orange fabric acting as the rays or 'corona' of the sun.

Link to the Trailer:
10) TEKKEN 6

The Tekken Series is about a cursed family that has had a hand in many wars. I will cover only Tekken 6 here because it is the most relevant.

We have the triad or trinity of 3 generations in the Mishima Family, Jin Kazama (R); Kazuya (Mid) and Heihachi Mishima (L).
11) The Mishima Family (Heihachi at the time) owns the Mishima Zaibatsu, a company created by Jinpachi to finance arms. After Jinpachi financed World War 2 and realised what misery he had caused, he retreated to training and Heihachi captured him so he could take it for himself.
12) Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection begins with Jin Kazama's great grandfather Jinpachi being tortured. He is suspended by his son Heihachi with a large block (like Atlas) and confined to chains. Just as he is about to die he is possessed at his breaking point by a demon and escapes.
13) After his defeat by Jin in Tekken 5 Jin wins the Zaibatsu. In Tekken 6 Jin Kazama looks to rid himself of the generational curse called the Devil Gene. Kazuya Mishima, his father, has it too. He wages war on the world to increase trauma, which awakens Azazel, the Rectifier.
14) Lars in an effort to counter Jin's plans invades the Mishima Labs and finds Alisa, a robot created to protect Jin. Kazuya's robots from G Corporation also attack, and an explosion leaves Lars with amnesia. Lars is the illegitimate son of Heihachi, and half brother of Kazuya.
15) Following the events of remembering, Alisa follows him on the journey. He meets Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi, and faces off with Jin Kazama in Egypt, the tomb and birth place of Azazel. In canon, Jin defeats Azazel by destroying his "heart" and they both fall through a pit.
16) Kazuya during this war wants to be seen as the hero. He wages war on Jin through his G Corporation biotech company. Below is a picture of Kazuya, both their Devil Gene Forms and Devil Jin holding Azazel's heart. This heart infects anyone who touches it and possesses them.
17) I'm sure you're wondering where all the females are? The mothers, sisters? Dead. Jin's mother was possessed by a demon and Kazuya's mother was born with the Devil Gene and killed by Heihachi. Below is Jun Kazama (Jin's Mom) and her "mimic form" of the Forest Demon, "Unknown".
18) Get the picture? We see a lot of purple and black here, reminiscent of plasma and black goo. Unknown fights and mimics her enemies just like black goo, and the curse is dubbed "demonic" and related to the alien version of the substance. Azazel's heart is a black stone.
19) See the tattoo on Unknown, now look at Jin's tattoo. These are the marks that allow them to transform. The mark of the beast. It is reminiscent of the Yin Yang. The more demonic (black stone) energy they absorb the stronger they become.
20) This is the polaric, binary mind of good versus evil we see. The darkness reaching out through the help of the alien black goo and creating a split personality. We also see G Corporation being a hint at Freemasonry. With Tekken equalling to 33 in Gematria as shown above.
21) Think I'm crazy? Then look at the checkerboard designs for one of the Tekken games, particularly Jinpachi and Jun. As for Azazel, he is connected to the Devil Gene (black goo) and nothing more than the personification of EMPCOE hence "Rectifier of All Things."
22) So yes, Azazel is Earth's reaction to cycled trauma. Notice how he looks Egyptian too (Freemasonry connotations) and is purple. In Story Mode it says "FINAL STAGE" when you fight him, and you do so in the dark. He stuns with lightning and teleports. ENDGAME SCENARIO.
23) Notice too how the G in G Corporation looks like a 6, a representation of this bio tech company dealing with carbon based life forms. 666. Kazuya himself was experimented on and altered to stay alive.

Link to the Cinematic Opening:

Wander the protagonist steals the ancient sword and journeys to the Forbidden Land with Mono's body, sacrificed due to a cursed destiny. He meets Dormin in the Shrine of Worship, who tells him to kill 16 colossi in exchange for her life.
25) Dormin is an entity who shows Wander the way to these giant beasts made of rock, fur, skin and livened with sigils. With the ancient sword, he is able to pinpoint their whereabouts with the rays of light reflected from sun. His only ally is his trusty horse Agro.
25) Unbeknownst to Wander and just as Dormin desires in secret, Wander with each colossus he kills, absorbs part of Dormin's essence. The colossi are containers sealing Dormin's spirit, rendering him powerless. As time goes he gets black streaks on his face and even grows horns.
26) A powerful wizard from his village comes after him with soldiers. The soldiers kill Wander and Dormin awakens inside him. Lord Emon uses the ancient sword to destroy them both. Mono later wakes up and is lead by Agro to Wander who now has horns and has turned into a child.
27) Dormin spelt backwards is Nimrod. Nimrod is also known as Ninus, Osiris, and the Father. He was a Sumerian Hunter that became King of Babylon and built the Tower of Babel. Nimrod also means Rebel. He is the Sun and Semiramis is the Moon, with Tammuz/Jesus/Horus being Mercury.
28) The ancient sword spells the number 55, identical to the number of God. Added they make 10, the dualistic binary of good and evil, the seed and the womb. In the 10 sephirot it is dubbed the Kingdom. The Sword (Words) of the Kingdom both saves and destroys Nimrod. Hence Babel.
29) The ancient sword is the key to breaking the sigils and setting the shadows free. These shadows are linked to the black blood that spews from all the colossi Wander stabs. The strategic possession, demonic figures and body decay once subject to its essence scream black goo.
Moreover, these colossi are seeded golems/thoughtforms/amphoras used to house this black goo. Dormin is the source, and transfers into Wander, the human via exposure. The trickery and promises at sheer costs are to be noted. Black Magick.

Link to Trailer:

A very telling music video denoting EMPCOE and the events that transpire therein. A sort of beam protrudes from a planet surrounded by purple ionised clouds (Blue Beam). Alexa, the singer, finds herself waking up in a radioactive tube with no one in sight.
32) As she's walking we see green skies above her that almost seem manmade. They however illuminate just as the aurora lights do, relaying the inner planetary vibrations of Earth. The aurora vibrations are designed to truly awaken and "transform" those ready during the Reset.
33) Alexa is hinted at being some kind of bionic specimen throughout the music video. We see here dancing under purple skies with DEWS pulverising the planet. At one point, she displays her "superpowers" against soldiers and takes them out despite them having firearms.
34) She then finds herself surrounded by thousands of robots, to which she manages to destroy with just her energy alone. We then cut to a dying planet unveiling its core. This is the death of an old age and the birth of a new one. This is the Age of Aquarius.
35) A planet much like earth catches fire. Further in, Alexa sees a different planet loom in. We finally get to see her robot features when it cuts to her on the floor, her arm sparking. From the same skies something descends from thunder. She meets the real her.
36) Throughout the whole song she mentions a revolution of the mind, fighting as one, enemies closing in and the stakes being high. She also touches on freedom and sings about the "Old Illusion". "Come together now it's time." Clear Old World Order connotations.
37) Parallel dimensions interlinking, green as the main colour related to green goo, control and DNA Activation. DEWS, Project Blue Beam, Psychic Abilities, Dying Planets and AI. We have ourselves a powerful music video.

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