Don’t depend on the people you care about: (thread)
Lots of people getting started reach out to explain that they're having a hard time getting their existing network to respond to their work.
This isn’t about quality of work, it’s purely about reframing something it seems a lot of people struggle with:

Just because people care about you, doesn’t mean they’ll care about your art, your business, your ideas, or your experiences in trying to build them.
Just because you grew up on the same street as somebody or share the same last name, doesn’t mean you’ll be interested in the same things.
Enter: the internet. It doesn’t matter who you’re born from or next to any more.

Do the work and let the work find the people.
I shared @visualizevalue work with my personal network every day for close to a year, and almost everyone I have ever met in person couldn’t care less.

I posted a few to my personal Instagram... crickets. Shown a few people in person... blank stares.
A couple of years later, over 250,000 people subscribe to it in some way shape or form. Almost none of which I know personally, and most of which live in countries I have never set foot in.
TLDR; expecting the people that care about you to care as much about your obscure obsession as you do is lunacy.

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